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The Cashmere-based Liberty Orchards Company recently announced it will be closing after 101 years in business. The company, known for its Aplets & Cotlets, was hoping to sell the business, but couldn’t reach a deal. It is set to close in June.

I asked NABUR members to share their thoughts on the closing, and many responded with condolences for the North Central Washington staple. Here are a few of their stories.

“I have always received aplets and cotlets every year for one holiday or another. Now what will I do. I will always miss them because I am now in my 70’s and I am used to receiving them at least once a year. You have been a great treat for a long time and I will miss you.”

— Linda M.

“The facility in Cashmere has always been a place to take out of town guests to tour the famous brands’ manufacturing facility and their great giftshop and tasting samples... a local delight to visit for so many years.”

— John B.

“Yes, very sad news. It was one of the places we always took visitors to our valley.”

— Maude G.

“In the past, I have sent them to a multitude of relatives as Christmas presents, who lived far from us. They all seemed to look forward to each holiday and their treats from Cashmere.”

— Ben K.

“Truly sad! One of my first memories more than 30 years ago [was taking] the tour with the white hat! You will be missed.”

— Vic R.C.

“Tiny’s. Yes I’m that old.”

— Sharon M.

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