Ed Martinez

Ed Martinez

I want to first send a personal thanks to Steve Piccirillo for advertising the success over the past few years of Chelan County Democrats ("Let's not bring 'there', 'here,'" Sept. 19).

I will hang his writings with pride and show everyone what the GOP has destroyed over the last four years with their membership and what the Dems have conversely built.

If Mr. Piccirillo represents the local GOP then it's no wonder they are losing membership. His anger for differing opinions, his attitude and disregard toward people of color (BTW, the 50's want their derogatory term back, "yellow", really?), and his disregard for women's rights.

The Democratic party grew by a full 40% in the area between 2016 and 2018 and the GOP decreased by 20%, yet Chelan County only grew 6% from 2010 to 2018.

Mr. Piccirillo, the math doesn't work. Why do you think the growth is due to people moving here? I believe more people in Chelan County are tired of people like Piccirillo, want nothing to do with his attitude and would like a more peaceful and collaborative way forward for our county and for our country.

The Dems membership includes people who are orchardists, restaurant owners and school teachers. They come from backgrounds in the Forest Service, fire department, healthcare, and many are long-time and generational Chelan County residents.

Mr. Piccirillo's numbers are strong and correct; 4,177 contributors to the Democratic party and 1,298 contributors to Republicans.

So, if you are a potential candidate, think hard if you want to run for office with the assistance of your neighbors in the Democratic Party.

I think what I am most proud of with the local party membership are the hours they are currently contributing to candidates like Adrianne Moore and Kim Schrier, two spectacular candidates devoted to our area, to represent our area.

Ed Martinez is a Leavenworth resident and a state Committeeman with the Chelan County Democrats.