If you spend 36 hours a day on Facebook like I do, you’ll notice a disturbing trend.

Someone will make a ridiculous comment about politics, religion, sex or the jumping capacity of small goats, and another person will respond, “OK, Boomer.”

Doesn’t really matter whether the original post was written by someone age 9 or 99. Boomers get the blame for nearly everything asinine.

For example, someone writes, “God is a Republican.” Someone else writes, “Ohkay, Boooomer.” I shake my head, not sure with the pandemic raging that God has time for politics.

Or someone writes, “Prezident-elect Bidden is the best thang since sliced bread.” Someone else writes, “Okee-dokey, Boomer.” I think, sliced bread is great, but what about Fire Stix candy or TV dinners?

OK, Boomer, however, can be perfectly appropriate, as when I post the following comments.

We were so poor in the old days we couldn’t afford legs so we had to drag ourselves to school both ways in minus 40 degree temperatures. OK, Boomer.

The only thing that got me through junior high was buying Fire Stix candy at the school store. OK, Boomer.

I wish wide ties, high socks and polyester pants would come back in fashion. Are you sure, Boomer?

Kids today are spoiled.

In my day, we were served gizzard casserole and had to clean our plates. OK, Boomer.

It frosts me that hot dogs come in packs of 10 but hot dog buns come in packs of eight. OK, Boomer.

Getting a red rubber ball to the face in dodgeball during grade school recess on a cold January day built character. Today’s helicopter parents would file lawsuits and close the playground. Yeah right, Boomer.

Everyone today wants instant gratification. Why, when I was young, we took a lot of pictures on a camera that wasn’t auto-everything, delivered the film to a store for processing, waited two weeks and learned every picture was terrible, even the ones of cute goats. OK, Boomer.

Popping wheelies on a banana seat bicycle in fresh air beats spending hours playing video games. OK, Boomer.

The world was a better place back when TV played the national anthem at midnight and then came the test pattern until 6 in the morning. No way, Boomer.

Life was better when we started reading in school with the “Fun with Dick and Jane” books. But why, when they visited the farm, did Grandfather meet them dressed in a suit and tie? OK, Boomer.

If only we could have Mel Tillis back singing songs like, “When young I wanted to be older, when old I wanted to be younger.” OK, Boomer.

I remember when we were grateful to get oranges and bananas for Christmas and there was no such thing as porch pirates. Those were the days, Boomer.

TV was better back when sitcoms had laugh tracks so you knew that nearly everything out of any character’s mouth was rolling-in-the-aisles funny. OK, Boomer.

Back in the day we had monkey bars on pavement, red hot metal slides and merry-go-rounds that spun so fast they became rocket launchers. All these things built character. OK, Boomer.

When I was young, my bologna had a first name. OK, Oscar.

Enough of that. Now let’s jump back into the Facebook maelstrom and generate a few more “OK, Boomer” responses. Besides, we might find, between the politics and religion craziness, pictures of cute pygmy goats at play.