As I write this, a milestone event is occurring on our planet. According to those in the know, human population has just surpassed the 8 billion mark. While many or most other species are in a state of decline, with some barely surviving, our numbers are mushrooming as, after having held relatively steady at less than half a million throughout most of known history, worldwide population was estimated to have finally reached the one billion mark around 1830, 2 billion in 1930, and on and on until now, when demographers claim it’s taken only about 11 years to add the latest billion.

Meanwhile, massive droughts and water shortages, deforestation, soil erosion, species extinction, floods, forest fires, extreme heat waves, hurricanes, and other so-called “natural” events of Biblical proportions, which traditionally are classified in terms of 100 year occurrence probabilities, now seemingly recur every year or two. Science tells us this is most likely a result of the greenhouse gases and other pollutants we spread through the atmosphere that tend to warm the planet, i.e., climate change. Add to this all the social issues and garbage we create, e.g., over-crowded cities and national parks, plastic in the oceans, disposal of dead batteries, etc., and the problem is magnified.

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