Otto Ross teaches skiing at Mission Ridge in January 2012 to Wenatchee twins Micah, left, and Issac Dant, 6. 

When it comes to individuals who epitomize the spirit of Mission Ridge Ski Resort and the sport of skiing, you would be hard pressed to find someone more worthy than Otto Ross, the 96-year-old youngster who just completed his 70th year as a certified ski instructor.

Ross is the welcoming spirit of Mission Ridge, as general manager Josh Jorgensen put it. On the days he’s teaching, Ross can be found waiting at the door of the ski school greeting every student and making sure they are ready for a day on the slopes.

220305-newslocal-WoodsRufus 01.jpg

Rufus Woods

Publisher emeritus, The Wenatchee World

Young Otto Ross

Otto Ross skiing in the 1930s

Otto Skiing

Otto Ross skiing at Mission Ridge this year

0825 Otto Ross1.jpg.jpg

Otto Ross in 2018

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