Dr. Ed Farrar in January 2018 rides his hand-bike with the group known as the “B Team” through Walla Walla Point Park. The group was formed in 2009 after Farrar was paralyzed in a bike accident in 2008 when a car hit him on Skyline Drive in Wenatchee. They typically rode between 12 and 25 miles a day, almost every day of the year, spending most of their time on the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail.

Dr. Ed Farrar, the Wenatchee orthopedic surgeon who suffered a devastating spinal injury in 2008 and then reinvented his life to continue practicing medicine, be physically active and contribute to the community, died Tuesday, March 8.

Ed taught us important life lessons about resilience, living life with no limits and the vital importance of community — both in terms of contributing to the community and also in accepting the help of others. Ed had the unwavering support of his “B Team,” enabling him to ride his handcycle around the loop countless times.

Ed Farrar

Ed Farrar

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Rufus Woods

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