COVID-19 vaccinations are slowly becoming available in the Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington and we urge everyone to get vaccinated when their turn comes.

It’s just common sense.

A vaccination is protection for the people who get it and, as more people are vaccinated, for the larger community. Getting more people vaccinated should mean fewer people will die or get seriously ill from COVID-19. And that means we can begin to move forward again with the parts of our personal and business lives that have been restricted or frozen for nearly a year.

The vaccines now being distributed have been put through rigorous scientific review and approved for widespread use.

But don’t take our word for it. If you have questions, see what reputable experts are saying at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — — the Washington State Department of Health — — and the Chelan-Douglas Health District —

Or look around and see who’s getting vaccinated, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal. Also getting vaccinated: frontline medical workers, police officers, firefighters — and those with the most at risk of dying from COVID-19: older people living in senior care facilities.

If you still have questions, talk with your doctor.

Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 protects your health, the health of your family, and our communities.

Short-term rentals: Time to talk and listen

The stakes are high in the fight over proposals to regulate short-term rentals in Chelan County and we think it’s a good move by the Chelan County Commission to invite opposing sides to the table to see if a consensus can be reached.

The committee, now being formed, will recommend regulations for the county’s growing number of short-term rentals.

Success is not guaranteed. There is a wide gulf between residents rightly concerned about the liveability of their neighborhoods and the concerns of short-term rental owners who have invested money and complied with existing regulations.

But what is there to lose in bringing all the interested parties together to talk — and maybe even listen — to each other?

It will all end up back before the three-member commission and there will be tough decisions to be made. But maybe the people with the most at stake will craft a workable solution.

This is the opinion of The Wenatchee World Editorial Board: Publisher Sean Flaherty, Managing Editor Russ Hemphill and Business Manager Jeff Jones.