Received my latest PUD bill including several inserts outlining energy saving tips I.e. new windows , timers for your lights and improved insulation. Imagine my concern and all PUD customer concerns as we drive past the new construction on the 3 story PUD building with all the lights burning 24/7 in an unoccupied building. I contacted the Energy Conservation Specialist and received the reply "lighting controls have not yet been installed in the new service center. So, unfortunately unable to turn lights off until that phase of the electrical work and commissioning is completed, which should be in the next couple of weeks."

To receive this response from the Energy Conservation Specialist was disappointing to say the least. I have to ask "why wasn’t it planned ahead? What other energy savings are being missed?" Last but not least, my house has these unique devices on the walls in every room called light switches and you simply turn the lights on or in this case off when not on use.

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