Todd S.: This is awesome! Thank god for good people with guns. Cops would have been to late. Good things can happen with guns!

Misty A.V.: So glad he was in the right place at the right time. She obviously needed some help!

This type of event reminds me of what our officers and deputies all over this nation encounter daily! So thankful for those who run into danger to help those in need and do not run away! Always thankful

Doug L.: This guy needs some serious time to think about all the bad things he did to her. Much more than I thought.

Codey T.: This is what a good guy with a gun can accomplish. Good job and thank god he was armed.

Laurie M.: Nothing like having to watch your life over and over again. I feel sorry for the woman that this happened too. It should never have been placed here for everyone to watch! I have had this happen to me when I have worked in the same situation and was terrified. This is just wrong for the WW to do this

Josephine W.Z.: Except that it gives a very clear picture of what happened, so that the ‘court of public opinion’ doesn’t go all mob-mentality on the man with the gun.

Debra F.: I can’t believe the article says she “was not seriously injured “. Looks like some serious emotional trauma to me. And why wasn’t one of the charges assault. Concerned for her.