The New York Times published a lovely series called the Seven Day Happiness Challenge earlier this month. At a time when many of us were making resolutions for the new year, the series invited readers to assess the quality of their relationships and offered practical suggestions to strengthen them.

One of the hidden strengths of the Wenatchee Valley is that we have a diverse and talented group of visual artists who are using their creativity to enhance our appreciation of this region. They contribute to our economy and also help us see through different eyes the beauty that is all around us.

Imagine how much stronger our communities would be if grandparents learned effective skills and techniques to engage with their grandkids to forge strong relationships. With a mindset of curiosity and openness, grandparents could be a positive and stabilizing influence for their grandchildren.

Since retiring as publisher of the newspaper in 2018, it has been gratifying to have the opportunity to continue writing a column for the newspaper and also pitching in to help out with Wenatchee Valley Business World with their annual event honoring young leaders who are making a difference…