Contagious versus non contagious

I have to respond to the Redimedi folks.

First, how do you draw a line from car accidents, drownings, and choking deaths to COVID-19 deaths? The first three are not contagious. If one of those things happens to my neighbor, it is not going to happen to me just because I am in the vicinity. I have heard that statement form others so I am just asking so I can understand.

Second, how are you going to protect the vulnerable population when we know so little about how the virus spreads or really anything about it?

I am sensing that a risk of 0.1% or 0.2% (3,000 to 6,000) of people in Washington state dying from Covid-19 is okay with you because people die from other things. I am in that 90% of vulnerable people you talk about and I hope I am not one of those statistics you say are acceptable.

And by the way, they do not shut countries down for those other three because they are not contagious. I have been a victim of a contagious disease and was told that I would be arrested, not just quarantined, if I did not follow the rules.

Andrea Lutes


Vote Inslee out of office

As a Washington state citizen I didn’t vote for California Gov. Newsom nor Oregon Gov. Brown, and yet our governor has aligned with these other states on COVID-19 recovery.

What do all of these states have in common? They all have radical progressive agendas and steal from taxpayers to support their political power.

Gov. Jay Inslee could give 2 cents about Eastern Washington’s needs. He doesn’t need our vote. If he wins the west side vote, he wins! His leadership is solely responsible for bloating our state budget by over 75% in less than 8 years. If left completely unchecked the budget expansion would have been far greater!

This governor recklessly spent taxpayer money on his completely inept presidential campaign. This governor takes political corruption to an entirely new level. This governor will and is using COVID-19 pandemic to suppress the economy and demand federal and taxpayer (income tax) tax, so he can maintain status quo on unsustainable spending.

As a citizen and city council member, it is time to end the tyranny of Gov. Inslee and vote him out of office this November. It is past time for Americans of The Great State of Washington to wake up and look beyond the news to see what is actually going on. We aren’t a socialist nation and nor were our founding principles built on something that has failed throughout history. Most socialist experiments end very badly.

It’s time to get back to normal life using a common sense approach!

Clay Brandenburg

Entiat City Council

Out-of-town visitors may threaten our health

Hi Mayor Bob Goedde: Here’s what I observed in Chelan last weekend: the Seattle people (I’m lumping all outsiders under this title for now) believe they can now come to Chelan and go in the Safeway and IGA and Walmart stores without masks or any sense of needing to stay 6 feet apart.

It’s as if they believe they are “safe” here and don’t have a shred of responsibility to protect our workers and checkers and local population. On Friday, Ed was crowded by a family of four at the checkout line at Safeway, to the point of rudeness. No masks, lots of touching everything in sight.

He asked the checker if the tourists were wearing masks. “No” she said. “No masks, no gloves, no concerns. They are also buying in quantity and commenting that wow, they ‘can’t get these things in their stores at home’, so I know they are from out of town.”

We need and want the business, but I don’t think our local population should pay the price for the outsiders to behave this way.

They are certainly welcome if they are careful and we want to open our tourist economy as soon as we can, but not to idiots with zero self-control. What about an ordinance that during this time of a state-declared pandemic, face-coverings are required inside Chelan stores?

The enforcement would have to come from the stores themselves, and we would also have to secure a supply of masks/bandanas to give away when shoppers arrive without them. (I think the Earth Day organizers might be a good group to work on getting a mask supply chain going).

We are thinking of making T-shirts that say: “My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me. Where the Hell is Your Mask?” Well, leave that last part out, maybe.

I’m afraid we will soon see the results of people from the most infected county in our state free wheeling around our town with total disregard for our safety. It’s clear they need direction to do the right thing.

Ed and Wendy Isenhart


Critics misrepresent sex education bill

I am writing this letter in an effort to address inaccurate information regarding the Comprehensive Sex Education Bill (Senate Bill 5395).

While this bill was being debated at the legislative level, there appeared many Facebook comments stating this bill would allow offensive sex education in our schools. I read the bill. The premise of the bill was to outline and set dates for the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to provide guidelines for school districts in choosing the curriculum, along with parental and public consultation. The bill does not decide curriculum. Yet, based on inaccurate Facebook comments, hundreds of people were encouraged to protest against this bill.

Rep. Keith Goehner, in his 2020 Legislative Report, sadly continues sharing inaccurate information regarding Bill 5395. He states, “I believe the curriculum to be offensive and highly inappropriate for our young people.” He provides a website that outlines 3Rs, Rights Respects, Responsibility lesson plans as an example. The Republican News Page, Washington Ledger also states that the 3Rs “is the only approved curriculum for all grades.” This is inaccurate information. Bill 5395 does not determine lesson plans or curriculum.

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction lists curriculum outlines for Sexual Health Education Requirements based on this Bill. As a retired K-2 teacher, I looked at the K-3 curriculum outlines. “Beginning in the 2021-23 school year, schools must provide social emotional learning (SEL) to students in grades K-3. No sexuality content will be required.” That is very different from the K-3 lesson plan examples presented by Rep. Goehner and the Republican News Page. Such misinformation often results in negative attitudes toward teachers, administrators and public education.

The 3Rs sex education curriculum has been touted as the curriculum for this Bill 5395 to the public and on Facebook. It is inaccurate and has created another reason for the political divide between voters who too often take party opinions as fact.

Mary Armstrong

East Wenatchee