Vote for Cascade levies

The time is now! The ballots have been mailed. Your “YES” Levy vote prepared Cascade School District for pandemic remote learning while other schools throughout the state struggled.

Our levies are about to expire and our students need your “YES” vote once again. The Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) and Technology, Safety and Security Levy are essential to ensure continuous quality education in our district. These levy funds support programs, personnel and activities not fully funded by the state.

This is not a new cost. There will be no new taxes or tax increases. In fact, Cascade School District has the lowest EP&O tax rate in Chelan County. The promise of a public education is the engine of opportunity.

Cascade School District has an average graduation rate of 95%! Our students are counting on you. Please Vote Yes! It is money well spent.

Karen Bohlinger


Thank you Cascade School District

I would like to thank all of the teachers, staff and administrators at the Cascade School District.

This last year has been difficult for everyone and the people at Cascade School District have shown extraordinary dedication to their mission in teaching and supporting our kids.

They have been creative problem solvers, they have reached out to support struggling students and families, they continue to provide food to kids who need it, and they have continued to teach our kids in a caring and supportive way under conditions none of us ever imagined.

Many of these teachers are also parents and caregivers and must balance these daily needs while modifying lesson plans, adjusting expectations, leading zoom classes, and adapting everything they do — every day.

If you think teachers are working less because of the pandemic, you are wrong. They are working harder than ever. We ask a lot of our schools, so it’s our responsibility as a community to support them. We can show our support by voting yes to two levies on Feb. 9!

Both the Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy (Proposition 1) and the Technology, Safety and Security Levy (Proposition 2) are extremely important and provide 20% of the Cascade School District budget.

These are both replacement levies; they are NOT new taxes. These levies support educational programs, athletics, maintenance, technology and safety. More information is at

It is never a good time to reduce funding for our schools. Let’s show our kids and schools that we support them and that we are thankful by voting “YES” on Feb. 9. It also helps to actually say thank you! Send a message to your kids’ teacher, principal, nurse, or bus driver. They are working hard!

Mary Jo Sanborn


Use some common sense: Vote ‘no’ on schools

Isn’t this state, county and city citizens taxed enough?

Why vote “yes on schools” when school is not in session and, with our terrific governor, who knows when they will be opened?

In the meantime, our businesses haven’t had the ability to make a living, employees have been laid off by the hundreds, maybe thousands; and under the current administration in Washington, I doubt anyone can foresee what life will be like especially where taxes and inflation are concerned.

We don’t need to punish ourselves before we know what the future will bring.

Rather than spend the additional money on this “extra” election, why not have it last November and try saving us citizens a few bucks? Or have it later when we see what the economy might hold.

Since there wasn’t any school or sports last year — and it’s doubtful there will be any this year — passing a new levy just means this retired couple will come closer to the point we’ll be taxed out of our home and the valley. For renters, watch your rent go up; and for all of us, we’re already seeing food, gas and others prices go up also.

Let’s use some common sense and VOTE “NO” ON SCHOOLS!

Lawrence Kozlowski


Gov. Inslee should resign

Governor Inslee has totally botched the coronavirus response from Day 1.

Right from the start when his administration told Washington residents to attend the state basketball tournaments, the vice president of the United States was flying in on a Friday afternoon to get Jay to face up to the pandemic!

It took 30 days for the state Department of Health to show up after the first death at the nursing homes.

Gov. Inslee refused to quarantine western Washington during the initial stages of the pandemic.

Then, he issued orders that he refused to enforce. As governor, if you issue an order, it is not a suggestion. Enforce it.

Now with the vaccine distribution, he dropped the age to 65 when vaccine supplies were very limited. Oh wait, he is under 70 so changing the order made him and Trudy eligible for the vaccine.

Meanwhile, 1.5 million senior Washington residents that are eligible for the vaccine, play telephone and web tag for a 1 in a 1,000 chance at getting an appointment for the vaccine.

I know Gov. Inslee got his, and I don’t mind waiting for mine.

After all, the elites are special and should be the first in line. If you don’t believe it, read “Animal Farm.”

But why do I have to spend hours each day trying to find an appointment for a vaccination?

It is time for Gov. Inslee to resign.


Not a recall, just get him out of office, before thousands of more Washington resident die.

Rate this post positively.

Vladimir Steblina


Positive experience at TTC vaccination site

As someone in the at-risk category, I have been concerned about getting my COVID-19 vaccination.

When the vaccination site at Town Toyota Center was announced I was both pleased and concerned. Pleased because more people, including me, could be served. Concerned because I had seen all those long lines in so many places around the country.

At any rate, on Monday I e-mailed for an appointment and was surprised to receive one for Wednesday. When I went to the site on Wednesday, I was so prepared for long lines that I brought a book to read.

Surprise! There was no line.

Instead, there were several stations to confirm ID, take your temperature, and provide paperwork before the actual inoculation. It was such a positive experience. I want to extend my thanks to the health department, the National Guard and all agencies and individuals who organized and implemented this very positive and convenient inoculation experience.

I encourage others, especially those at risk, to take advantage of this opportunity.

Pat Whitfield

East Wenatchee

Mayor is wrong about why Black Rock project died

Mayor Frank Kuntz recently made a public statement expressing his disappointment that the Black Rock development on the edge of Wenatchee’s Saddlerock park was canceled.

Furthermore, Mr. Kuntz implied that the “neighbors” had unfair advantage due to their “knowledge of the government” and thus “ knew how to work the government system against the Tramps and the developers and made it so one state agency made it basically impossible for them to develop. That is something that I personally really struggle with.”

To clarify, the project was halted because the judiciary agreed with state Fish and Wildlife that their concerns had not been properly addressed.

The property owners failed to contest that decision. Further, contrary to what the mayor implied, the neighbors were not the only citizens in opposition.

I attended an early hearing and it was standing room only. The concerned citizens merely did what I hope Mr. Kuntz would agree all citizens are free to do: Ask that the appropriate government agencies properly review a development before final approval.

Does our mayor feel that the Department of Fish and Wildlife can be so influenced as to make a ruling to satisfy the whims of only a few citizens?

Additionally, does he mean to imply that Superior Court Judge Travis Brandt failed to rule in accordance with state law and case precedent?

If Mayor Kuntz wished to re-enforce that stereotype that city officials prefer to rubber stamp growth unhindered by legitimate concerns for safety, wildlife and the environment, he did an excellent job.

I appreciate his transparency; but were I his political consultant, I would have suggested he keep his comments to himself and those with whom he wishes to curry favor.

Coming out so strongly for a development that many opposed, and making pejorative and inaccurate remarks as to why it was canceled will likely alienate voters who want our valley to avoid mistakes made by allowing flawed developments to proceed.

Lastly, we need more affordable housing options, but allowing a few luxury view homes on steep slopes with fire risk and removing quality habitat would not address that issue.

Bill Wicheta


False narrative doesn’t have two sides

We watched January 6th as a flag-bedecked Trump crowd drunk with a warped sense of patriotism bestowed on them by their leader’s lies, marched to the Capitol.

The crowd morphed into an angry mob, breaking windows and beating undermanned Capitol police with flag poles in a futile effort to overturn the election. Extremists, shouted hang Pence, kill Pelosi, and Stop the Steal.

It’s tempting to characterize all the protesters as poor undereducated fools who fell in love with the myth-maker former president. But these folks were fellow citizens who answered the call for this seditious mayhem, proudly displaying their contempt for our government and laws.

The depth and breadth of this false narrative claiming the election was stolen has been fed by Trump and political enablers, who tried to breathe life into this falsehood. Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz among others led the charge to reject the electoral vote but were thwarted by a majority of Senators unwilling to make a mockery of our Democracy. The less astute House enablers like Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jorden, Matt Gaetz, and a majority of unscrupulous or misguided Republican representatives joined in the effort to decertify the election results.

Many compare this summer’s violent protesters with the mob at the Capitol, both broke the law and destroyed property, but there is a significant difference.

Intimidating representatives into voting to overturn a free and fair election is a coup d’état usually reserved for Third World countries and their corrupt leaders who adroitly twist words like patriotism, constitution, flag, and duty to promote fear, skepticism, and lies about an election process in order to gain power.

False narrative doesn’t have two sides, there’s only truth, the rest is fodder. Many feel there needs to be some accountability for this attack on democracy. I regret to say with the exception of what I call the Awesome 5 in the Senate and the Patriotic 10 in the House, there aren’t many Republicans willing to divorce themselves from Trump and his supporters fearing the creation of a third-party that could destroy the once Grand Old Party.

Connie Fliegel