Stop tilting at windmills: Investigate Democrats

I am so tired of your obvious prejudice with President Trump and the Republican Party. It’s time you became neutral as far as national news is concerned.

Your editorial “cartoon” in the April 10 paper is a prime example. Instead of President Trump’s picture on the windmill it should have been Obama, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi and any other number of Democrats that have lied to the American people, told untruths and falsehoods.

It’s time Obama, Hillary, etc., be investigated for all the lies, untruths and falsehoods and other illegal things that went on in the eight years that Obama was President. It’s also time to find out how all of these people went from having no significant money before becoming public “employees” to becoming multimillionaires.

Karen Kennedy


Memories recorded in a poem

My name is Donnalee Rutherford, a great-granddaughter of the Confederate Flag of the Civil War. The years of The Great Depression brought our family to Wenatchee in 1933. Growing up in the beautiful valley gave me a special love of Wenatchee.

After 30 some years gone, I wrote this poem which was published in the Wenatchee World in 1982. They were my memories of 75 years ago. As I now approach my 88th birthday, I would be so proud to have you publish it again.

Memories of Home by Donna Manskey

I’ve returned to the Valley and who could resist I’ve been gone many years but the

Valley I missed My memories of home never let go Like Bailey’s Candy Shop next to the

Show Or the courthouse cannon still a landmark And the old fellows playing checkers in the park Sundays after church we’d drive and we’d roam While enjoying Ramsey Dairy’s double ice cream cone the Municipal pool was a popular place Down by the river, barefoot we’d race We’d hike to the airport to watch the landing planes And back home through the orchard playing hide-and-seek games Stevens School is now gone and the

Post Office is there Progress keeps moving, but our memories still care We played on the blacktop till they rang the bell And ice cream at the Plaza I remember so well Donald Woods, Leonard Evans,

Clair Hunt, and Ted Brown I remember so well the boys about town Saddle Rock and Castle Rock still standing there Outliving my memories with you whom I share

Donnalee Rutherford

East Wenatchee

Septic system and development concerns in Douglas County

I question the Douglas County Sewer management to explain the following:

1) If completed, are current septic tank users required to hook-up and the cost?

2) Traffic: Are the following roadways going to be improved and the cost? 32nd and Cascade, Empire Way and Fir Ave. extension? If so, how funded?

3) Law enforcement/Fire protection: Creating jobs, promoting tourism and recreation. Increases the tasks of local agencies. How is this increase funded?

4) Property Taxes: Will the extension increase taxes in the future?

Opinion: There are more than 50 homes near Fir Ave. currently on septic systems occupied by over 25 percent retirees. The squawk on the street is: Do we need this development added to our community?

I say NO.

J. A. Sackman

East Wenatchee