‘Pay It Forward Stimulus 2021’

Stimulus checks for $600 are being sent from the government to help U.S. citizens.

Many of the people receiving checks aren’t in need, aren’t counting on the money, or don’t even feel right accepting it.

That’s when I thought about the “Pay It Forward Stimulus 2021” idea. One Wenatchee is promoting the idea of people signing over their checks or sending checks, for those receiving direct deposit, to local charitable organizations.

We encourage people to donate to their charity of choice but also want to mention three organizations that we are familiar with and recommend.

These organizations serve people in need at the basic food and shelter level, with respected leadership and proven results. We’re currently recommending Serve Wenatchee, Women’s Resource Center, and Lighthouse Christian Ministries.

We’re hopeful that the local media will promote the “Pay It Forward Stimulus 2021” program and help those most in need in the Wenatchee valley.

Bryan Campbell

Founder, One Wenatchee

Bring back ‘Peanuts’

I have been a subscriber to your newspaper for 26 years now and have never written a letter.

I don’t wish to express my views on politics or any other important issues. My thoughts are private on these matters.

I know it must be difficult to keep a paper going with all the online competition, I’m guilty of that myself, and you have to cut costs wherever you can.

This may seem trivial, but I was horrified that you were eliminating some of the comics.

The comics are a pleasant little relief at the end of the day.

The comics you let go I didn’t care for that much, but letting an institution like “Peanuts” go was not OK. “Peanuts” is a sweet, relevant, and very tangible commentary.

The straw that broke the camels back was retaining “Garfield.” “Garfield” is not even on the same planet as “Peanuts.” “Garfield” is not even funny, unless slapstick and sophomoric jokes are humorous. Bring back “Peanuts!” Drop “Garfield!”

That’s my say for what it’s worth, no politics, no pressing issues.

Peter Fallert


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