Good at taxing, but not paving

If you drive between Cashmere and Wenatchee twice a day, you will understand.

I drove up north and they had run a strip of chip seal down each tire groove all the way up and down the road. It was great. The road was flat and saved much money.

So here in the Wenatchee Valley, I was excited to see them doing that. Then, after much bother and annoyance and money spent, we got to try it out.

Not only did they not even do half the job, there was nothing in the high-speed lane and half the right lane. But, it was so thin, it did not even fill the groves. And they did not even fill the holes! Then, we got to endure even more torment as they started replacing the flashing lights to warn of red light ahead.

Long, long days of lane closed and dire warnings of signal revision ahead. Now that annoyance is almost over ... and the best thing I can say is: After getting in our way for so long, it seems that they did nothing at all.

Thanks for listening and remember....if they can force a per-mile tax, they will have to crate a bureau of citizen tracking and surveillance to be • able to tax us fairly.

And the tax won’t even pay for the people watching and logging your every move. Then, more taxes to pay for the people taxing you for daring to leave home.

Chris Hiatt


Martin Barron for Wenatchee School Board

I have known Martin Barron for over 25 years. I worked with directly with Martin for about 10 years, while we were both part of Dole Fruit Co. in Wenatchee.

During that period of time, Martin was the No. 2 person at Dole Northwest, and was also directly responsible for HR, finance and the company-owned orchards.

I was the GM for one of the Dole operations, and had considerable interactions with Martin. In some ways, I viewed Martin as a “customer” as he was responsible for the company-owned orchards, and I was responsible for packing and fruit sales. In other ways, I viewed him as my superior, as he was clearly the No. 2 person for the entire Dole NW operations.

Working both with and for Martin was a privilege. Although he asked direct and tough questions, he was always a gentleman and a good listener. He expected good performance, but was ALWAYS willing to share responsibility in achieving company-wide goals and objectives. I found Martin to be collaborative, nonjudgmental and an excellent critical-thinker. I also appreciated his strong personal ethics, and insistence of strong company-wide ethics in dealing with growers, employees, industry, and the public. While working for Dole, I got to know Martin’s wife (Tina) and to a lesser extent their children. What I did learn (no surprise) is that Martin is also a devoted husband and father. It is probably the personal side of Martin that I admire the most.

When I learned that Martin was considering running for the Wenatchee School Board, I called him to thank him for his willingness to serve, and to offer my support and endorsement.

If elected, I am confident Martin will be a good listener, critical thinker and will work collaboratively with other board members and district management. Please vote for Martin Barron, Wenatchee School District Board of Directors, Position #3.

Ron Skagen

East Wenatchee

Thanks, Chelan County PUD

Chelan County Public Utility District, and specifically the people of the PUD who make it great, are a blessing and an asset to our region.

At the Salcido Enterprises Group, we focus our expertise on large-scale, high-tech site development, mechanical/electrical engineering and manufacturing, facilities renovations and management, along with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We highly value a sustainable and reliable energy supply. It is critical to the success of our operations.

Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with energy providers throughout the Western U.S., including the three utilities located here in Central Washington.

I am consistently impressed by the work of Chelan County PUD.

Navigating complex energy issues is not easy. Every PUD staff member has listened carefully to my interests and questions. They’ve patiently and expertly explained complicated issues, such as regulatory requirements and changing market conditions. Every person has been professional and cared authentically about my concerns. They’ve helped me understand the big picture.

During its strategic planning process this year, the PUD did an exceptional job of summarizing the volatility of the energy market, now and over the long term. People throughout the organization worked to connect with community groups, hold open houses and conduct customer surveys. The PUD has gone out of its way to be inclusive and educate the public as it develops its business plans.

My extensive interactions throughout the Western US energy markets just confirms that our Chelan County PUD is a very well-managed and wisely run utility.

As a business owner and customer, I commend the PUD for its work. Chelan PUD — thank you for all that you’re doing to manage our regional energy assets well, for your support of our local economy, and to the many people throughout our region.

Malachi Salcido, CEO,

Salcido Enterprises, LLC