Schism of Democratic Party as champion of under-privileged

Carl Florea’s recent letter rails against “self-righteous” pro-life advocates, then proceeds to sanctimoniously stereotype them as racist, Islamophobic war-mongers opposing government health care, investment for inner-city schools, and a guaranteed living wage. He apparently bases this sweeping generalization on his erroneous presumption of prolifers’ universal Republican affiliation.

At one time, pro-life Democrats existed, but as the left’s position becomes increasingly extreme, many consider acceptance of unfettered access — and now infanticide — a bridge too far. Yes, Mr. Florea, political divide on this issue is “sadly ironic.”

The party portraying itself as a champion of the underprivileged and marginalized defends, celebrates and profits from the destruction of the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

The party touting itself as the enlightened advocate of science ignores overwhelming and undisputed science relating to human life.

The party horrified by family separation at the border and school shootings turns a blind eye to the brutal dismemberment and poisoning of helpless pre-born humans.

The party embracing feminism exploits a woman by persuading her to view her exquisitely designed reproductive system as an enemy to be thwarted; convinces her that “empowerment” means she must deny every feminine instinct to create, nurture and defend her child. Rather than recognizing her strength and resilience, it assures her she is a victim of her own body, incapable of bearing the responsibility to carry her son or daughter to term.

The party claiming to champion the minority population supports its systematic extermination. While the African-American population hovers around 14 percent, 40 percent of abortions are performed on its women.

The party professing to care for the poor applauds placing the majority of abortion mills in impoverished neighborhoods.

The party denouncing large corporations accepts millions in campaign contributions from Big Abortion.

The abortion issue transcends politics, feminism and religion. At its essence, it is a human rights issue.

Historically, denying the humanity of Africans justified robbing their freedom; denying the humanity of Native Americans justified stealing their land; denying the humanity of the Jews justified the Holocaust. Today, denying the humanity of the unborn justifies their slaughter.

Yes, Mr. Florea, sadly ironic indeed.

Jeannette O’Donnell


Public comment sought on renaming local landscapes

A pair of proposals are before the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names to name Saddle Rock, located near Wenatchee in Chelan County, and to change the name of Squaw Saddle to Saddle Gap.

The committee is seeking public comment on the proposals, which will be up for final consideration at the committee’s next meeting, May 30. Further information about the proposals can be found online at

Proposals approved by the Committee on Geographic Names go to the Board of Natural Resources for final approval, and are then submitted to the United States Board on Geographic Names.

Anyone who wishes to comment on the proposal can email or send a letter to the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names, P.O. Box 47030, Olympia, WA 98504. All comments are public record.

Caleb Maki

Executive Secretary

Washington State Committee on Geographic Names

Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Phone: 360-902-1280

Fax: 360-902-1778