Talk of ‘decade’ doesn’t add up

We still have a year to go to finish this decade.

There was no year zero. Years one through 10 made up the first decade. The years 2011 through 2020 make up this decade.

This decade started on January 1st 2011 and ends on December 31st 2020. This December 31st we completed the first nine years of this decade.

It amazes me that our local news people , who should know better, keep saying that January 1st 2020 is a new decade. It isn’t.

Blake Murray


Make sure Cascadian remains home for seniors

I am distressed to read about the Cascadian changing from a HUD property to a private apartment/complex!

The rental possibilities/cost in this area are so high as to be unattainable to most, especially the handicapped and seniors.

As a social worker, I had several clients who reside at the Cascadian. The comfort, security, and affordability are a lifeline for lots of them. A central location within walking district from libraries and other services keeps them from the isolation many seniors and handicapped deal with.

I would hope the wealthy persons in our area, of which there are in abundance, will step up and share their wealth to those in need. Purchase this property and let it remain the life line so many depend on!

Sas Alford


Give Cascadian some paperwork help

I read the article regarding the Cascadian Apartments with concern about the loss of affordable housing in the valley that so many folks are in need of.

A suggestion, if possible, would be to have one of the organizations working on affordable housing issues in Wenatchee team up with the owner of the apartment building and relieve him of the paperwork burden of reporting with HUD, while leaving it enrolled in the program. I believe this might be a win-win for all parties. Thank you.

Don Phelps


Time to change public disclosure law

I love working as a Community Corrections Officer because I can help offenders turn their lives around. It’s a rewarding job where I can contribute and help keep our communities safe. But my job also has a dark side. It’s not uncommon for an offender to threaten me and my family.

{span}The State Supreme Court ruled in October that under current public disclosure law, personally identifiable information — particularly my birth date — can be released to the public. I shouldn’t have to give up my safety and privacy because I chose a career in public service. It’s time to change the law.{/span}

{span}Releasing state employees’ birth dates puts our families at greater risk. State lawmakers should support House Bill 1888, legislation that would protect my family while respecting the need for government transparency.

Don Malo


Consider rent controls to deal with rising costs

The cost of rental housing has been increasing resulting in increased economic and financial burdens on people with fixed income and with little or no assets. Both Wenatchee and East Wenatchee should consider rent control. Many cities in the country have rent control. Our southern neighboring state of Oregon has statewide rent control.

Our state and our nation are wealthy today. We are not experiencing the Depression of the 1930s when people wondered where their next meal would come from.

Wenatchee and East Wenatchee should reach out to those less fortunate as some and impose restrictions on rent increases.


Richard Baskin