LeVine’s departure is good for state and bad for nation

Suzi LeVine, former head of the Washington state Employment Security Department, is the poster child for how not to run any organization, especially a government agency that has access to free money.

The good news is she will no longer be able to do any more damage to the state of Washington — maybe. The bad news, she is now free to screw up at the federal level where there is more money available and to inflict pain upon the whole country.

She would not even apologize for the millions she lost do to her own personal incompetence and responsibilities to be a good steward of our tax dollars. It is obvious her appointment was not about her qualifications based on skills or ideas needed; instead, she was the right choice merely because of the group she belonged to and the dollars she brought to the Democratic regime.

How any responsible and thinking politician, no matter the stripes, could allow this appointment by Joe to go through is beyond me. Obviously, there are no consequences for corrupt practices.

Dale Sterling


We need to stop far-right radical groups

I have a growing concern that far-right radicalized groups like the Boogaloo Boys, the Proud Boys, QAnon and Oath Keepers are still actively planning an assault on the people of this country.

Is there something that can be done to prevent further trouble from these groups? We are hearing that the advance warnings of violence on Jan. 6 were not taken seriously.

I hope the awful potential of the previously mentioned groups will be taken seriously and that steps will be taken to stop them.

Theresa Sloan

East Wenatchee

Not publishing ‘Peanuts’ is almost un-American

Thanks Peter Fallert: I thought I might be the only person in North Central Washington who is missing “Peanuts.”

Like you, I began a subscription many years ago — fall of 1962, to be exact. Not having “Peanuts” is almost like being un-American.

Please reconsider your comics and bring back “Peanuts.”

Roger Brantner

East Wenatchee