Vote ‘yes’ on Link tax proposal

Link Transit provides a wonderful service to those who need to get to work, to the doctor, get groceries, etc. Link drivers are the best on the road and they are thoughtful, friendly, and patient.

Although I have a car, I prefer riding on Link instead of driving. I no longer have stress factors with traffic since I no longer drive.

For you people that do drive, please just once park your car, and take the time to be a rider on Link. It will help you relax, take the cars off the road, and help you provide cleaner air.

Please vote yes on the Link Transit proposition. Help hire more good employees for a great company!

Myra Roy


I support Link Proposition 1

I support Link Proposition 1. This Aug. 6 ballot measure will provide the funds to expand services: more buses, running more routes, more frequently.

It will increase services to workers, students, tourists, senior citizens and people with disabilities. It will build new bus stops and add environmentally sound vehicles to its fleet. It will add jobs for drivers and mechanics. For the first time, we will have regular bus service on Sundays.

Still, I hear from friends that they don’t think Link needs more money because the buses aren’t full. But this isn’t so.

In speaking with Link staff, I learned that, on average, Link buses carry 13 passengers per hour in service. Sure, buses may be empty or nearly empty when you see them. Buses may start a route empty, picking people up and dropping them off along the route. So, a busy route (a route that carries 25 persons per hour) can have short periods with no one on the bus. The bottom line for me is that Link now transports one million riders a year.

I also hear people say that they don’t want to pay for something they don’t plan to use. But what we’re talking about here is the greater good.

Link is the primary way to get around for much of our population. This includes young people going to school and college, elderly going to medical appointments, disabled persons seeking public services, low-income individuals progressing into a career, families out for recreation and individuals who enjoy shopping. Link is a positive economic factor for our community.

Link’s plans to expand (see “Vision 2020” at are sound and forward-thinking.

I encourage you to vote “yes” for Link Proposition 1.

Russ Speidel

Volunteer Chairperson

Citizens for Better Transit


Support RiverCom tax

RiverCom is a critical part of the infrastructure of our communities, and I am asking that you join me in renewing the RiverCom 911 Emergency Communication Systems and Facilities Tax.

No matter the emergency, the staff at RiverCom quickly determine the nature of the call and then rapidly dispatch the appropriate resources.

As the medical director for EMS in Chelan and Douglas counties, I am intimately familiar with the key role that RiverCom plays in taking care of people with medical emergencies.

Nearly 10 years ago, we began a systematic effort throughout our emergency medical service partners to make improvements in each of the links of the “chain of survival” to save more lives from sudden cardiac death. RiverCom has played a key role in that effort.

We instituted a process change that focuses on early initiation of CPR anytime the call-takers determine the victim is not conscious and not breathing normally.

Ten years ago, this was a controversial practice, but one backed by peer reviewed, scientific studies. Now, it has become the standard that dispatch centers are striving to achieve.

In cardiac arrest, seconds make the difference between life and death. These process improvements are an integral part of why, in Chelan and Douglas counties, we have one of the highest survival rates from cardiac arrest in the country.

This tax was initially approved in 2009 and we must renew it before it expires at the end of the year.

This is not a new tax or a tax increase, but a vital tax required for RiverCom to continue to provide quality service.

This is a sales tax of 1/10th of 1 percent, or one dime for every $100 spent, paid for by the citizens as well as visitors who might experience some type of emergency. So, please join me in voting to support the RiverCom 911 Tax when your ballot arrives next week.

Lance Jobe