Time for civics lessons

There is definitely one good thing that has come from Donald Trump’s presidency, and that is that citizens, after decades of not being taught civics) are now forced to understand some of the concepts of American governance.

I would like to encourage all schools to start teaching civics in junior and senior high schools again. For a smarter and better informed America.

Andrea Pipitone

Rock Island

Beware of scam calls

New scam call to me. Called the wrong person as I don’t have a computer or cell phone. But I do have a recorder.

“9:10 a.m. Hello my name is Kathrine from Microsoft, we’ve been trying to get in touch with you. However will be disconnecting your license within 48 hours as your IP address has been compromised from several countries, so I need to change your IP address and license key. So Please press 1 to get connected to a technician.”

So don’t do what they ask. It’s a scam.

9:50 a.m. A Mans voice said hello. Said my name. Call from a Seattle phone number. I didn’t answer of course — as “My name” and “My phone number” came up on screen.

They’re at it again — so be warned.

Maxine Weed

East Wenatchee

Dangerous intersections

I would like to know whose responsibility it is to design the workability of some of these traffic signal lights. There are several signals in this city that are absolutely ridiculous.

Take for instance the light at Ninth and Miller streets. I am totally surprised how there isn’t an accident there every day. I can name at least one other that is stupid at Maple Street and Wenatchee Avenue right by Denny’s.

The one at Ninth and Miller has a left-turn light but no left-turn-only light to turn from Ninth onto Miller.

This is dangerous if you are on Ninth trying to make a left turn onto Miller going north and someone is on Ninth going west and trying to turn south because Ninth street west side of Miller dips down. It is impossible to see traffic coming straight through on Ninth because of the person on Ninth signaling to turn south onto Miller.

Why is it so impossible to have a left-turn only signal going both ways on Miller and Ninth like some other signals?

Same way at Maple and Wenatchee Avenue. I hate both those intersections. They need to be changed before someone gets killed. If someone does the person at fault will be the city of Wenatchee. End of story.

Robert Tritle


Thanks for helping Stamp out Hunger Food Drive

We at the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1350, Wenatchee/Leavenworth Local would like to thank the Wenatchee Valley and Leavenworth communities for their generous donations.

The 2019 Stamp out Hunger Food Drive that took place on May 11, 2019, collected 35,010 pounds of food that went right back into out local food banks.

Since at least 1997, the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive has been done here every year in the Wenatchee Valley and Leavenworth.

And since that time there has been 718,817 pounds of food collected. The NALC Branch 1350 would like to also thank the following sponsors:

Homchick Smith and Assoc, Wild Birds Unlimited, Savi Boutique, Wenatchee Applesox, Family Tree Dentistry, Gunderson Dental, Holmberg Dental, Button Jewelers, Serve of Wenatchee, Community Action Council of Wenatchee, Jimmy John’s, Oral Prosthetics, Planmember Financial Services, Seth Stevens Realty, Mini-blinds and More, Dr. David Parks, Woods and Brangwin, Sagebrush Dental, Decamp-Toftness Chiropractic, Edward Jones and Dr. Bibbins.

Their generous donations purchased the bags for the community to place their food into for the carriers to pick up.

I look forward to working with everyone again for next years food drive. Thank you all!!

James Fowler


NALC Branch 1350

Teaching politeness: A missed opportunity

Since 1985, when I first visited Wenatchee, the friendliness and courtesy of people here always impressed me—including the considerate, careful drivers.

As a permanent resident, I enjoy walking or riding my bike everywhere. I grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota 6 miles from town in one direction and 3 miles from the next town over, all on gravel roads. From the time I was 4 or 5, I walked or rode my bike to town along those roads. Farm folk driving past always slowed down and moved over. Everyone was careful and considerate of vulnerable road users. Which brings me to my point:

This past weekend, riding my bike up Ninth, a shiny new club-cab pickup pulled up in the lane just left of mine. As we waited for the light to change, a smiling boy, aged maybe 8 or 9, leaned out the rear passenger window and yelled “Get off the road!” Twice.

I was in the right lane, with an open lane to the left, and not impeding traffic. In this state, a person on a bicycle may use the entire traffic lane, if needed for safe travel, even if other vehicles must slow down or change lanes (just as they would do if following a slow car or truck). Local drivers are sometimes impatient as they slow from the speed limit (25 mph) to my uphill biking speed (about 16-20 mph), but overwhelmingly, they are patient and careful. So this recent interaction really surprised me.

As a kid in Minnesota, if I yelled something out the window at a pedestrian or person on a bike, my father would have stopped until I apologized to the person for my behavior (ask me how I know). The person driving that pickup the other day on Ninth missed the chance to teach that child how to be a good neighbor.

At the time, I just smiled back at the little kid, because that was how I was taught to engage with my neighbors, when I was his age, about 5 decades ago.

Max Geiger


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