Righteousness of Pro-life movement is the tragedy

As a person whose faith informs all I do, it saddens me terribly to see anti-abortionists assert themselves into the difficult and often tragic decisions of others with a simple-minded judgment.

They call themselves pro-life, but all they are is anti-abortion. It would be easier to take them seriously if they worked for universal health care to guarantee that every child born would be helped to stay healthy. If they advocated for doubling our investment in inner city schools to ensure that every child born had opportunities to reach their full potential. If they advocated for a living wage for every full time employed adult. If they opposed war as the killing of God’s children. If these mostly white individuals would voluntarily move aside to allow persons of color to stand with them shoulder to shoulder. If these positions were just as critical to them, then they might earn the title of pro-life.

But until that time, their stand comes off to me as nothing more than self-righteousness. And, Jesus, the one I follow, did not have a lot of good things to say about those who were self-righteous.

Indeed, he saw them as the problem, the hindrance to true spiritual transformation that is grounded in love for every person, every sinner. It is sadly ironic that the one who came to break down those religious walls built up by the rule enforcers have turned into a new personification of the rule enforcers.

It is also sadly ironic that many of these same people are fearful of the Muslim religion, convinced that every single Muslim is committed to imposing sharia law on the rest of us. Yet they see it as their job to impose their own version of religious law on everyone else, because, of course, theirs is the real truth. I believe that Christ weeps from the cross anew due to so many who claim his name just not getting his message. Love and grace is poured out on all humanity, but because of their pride, the “righteous ones” miss out. That is the real tragedy.

Carl Florea


Helping find the lost generation

Our valley was a sea of sweet smelling white blossoms. So beautiful.

All the orchards to help keep us cooler in summer, and help to clean the air, so fresh with moisture.

Lost now to concrete and buildings. Such a shame. That beauty I hold in my memory—lost to those today, as is the peacefulness and gentleness of our world back then. Yes—we had problems, and hard times, but not like today. Maybe our children would be safer if that world could still be with us today?

We are so divided, so much stress and new laws that grown-ups have created. Our young people are pressured to live a life we were never meant to live because of those laws. They kill one another and themselves to just get away from it, or because of anger, and don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve heard it said: They feel lonely and not good enough, lost to electronics and don’t communicate as before cell phones and computers.

These games they play are also harming them, so violent. We lost the fun shows with imagination.

There is a DVD I highly recommend, maybe it would help our lostness today. I would hope the school systems would accept it, to show their class-age early teens and up or by parents O.K., Phil Robertson’s “Torchbearer”.

Write to David N. Bossie — President Citizens United Foundation. Donate $35 to help continue to distribute to schools and libraries and we here in America are still free to get this to every person — so far.

Maxine Weed

East Wenatchee

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