Trump should release documents, OK testimony

Under the Constitution the Senate is to consider the impeachment charges brought by the House against the president.

They will be led by Chief Justice John Roberts who is directed to have a fair and impartial trial in the Senate. They must consider the evidence and call witnesses if they see fit as they listen to the prosecution and the defense. All the senators must take an oath to be impartial jurors in the trial.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell has stated publicly that he has already taken advice from the Trump Administration and that he has made up his mind on the results and therefore they don’t need a fair trial, just a vote. This directly contradicts his oath.

If we are to have a fair trial then the Trump Administration should release the subpoenaed documents, and release witnesses to testify. At the very least, Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton should be called to testify.

McConnell complained that the House did not present any witness’ who were directly involved in the President’s call to Ukraine. Both Bolton and Mulvaney were direct witnesses.

Even if there are not enough votes in the Senate to convict Trump on impeachment, they have a duty to go through the motions of a fair trial.

To me it is a crime for a president to use the influence of his office, and threaten to withhold funding from an ally to gain a political advantage over his opponent in the 2020 election. Obviously the House of Representatives agrees.

Joe Kelly


Wenatchee School board: Disappointed in appointment

I am taken back and disappointed at the news that the Wenatchee School Board appointed the wife of an assistant principal at Wenatchee High School to a position on the school board. Legal or not, this is not good practice.

Because a school administrator is on the front line implementing school board policy and decisions, his/her spouse on the board opens up the door for conflict of interest or at least the appearance of it.

Looking back at my previous life as a school principal, just imagining the challenges inherent with my wife serving simultaneously on the school board — good luck!

Wes Snow Retired elementary school principal


School board failed to right a wrong

The Wenatchee School Board had an opportunity to right a wrong on Tuesday. To reverse an injustice.

They failed.

Two new school board members have been named, but it was someone who was not picked — former board member Karina Vega-Villa — that speaks volumes about this newly formed school board.

Vega-Villa was a legitimate school board candidate who ran for re-election last fall. She was running unopposed, or so she thought. Tim Larson had intended to run against Vega-Villa, but decided to drop out of the race. However, Larson’s name was not removed from the ballot by Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore, thereby allowing Larson to receive more votes than Vega-Villa, who thought she was unopposed.

Larson, thankfully, made the right decision to decline to accept the board position. The board had an opportunity to do the right thing by naming Vega-Villa back onto the board, where she had served well in strongly advocating for Latinos.

Instead of Vega-Villa, the board picked Maria Iñiguez and Julie Norton. It is puzzling that the board would opt for Iñiguez, who is a former district office employee and is married to a school administrator. That is a conflict of interest.

Longtime board member Laura Jaecks said she has served with other former board members who were married or related to district employees “but they were able to serve.”

Just because it’s legal to appoint someone to a board doesn’t automatically justify it as ethical. Just as it’s not OK ethically for board members to draw $50 a day from the district to do their duties, as Jaecks does, despite the fact that she has a job as a real estate agent.

The board has a duty to select someone who will actively advocate for Latinos. It is not clear that someone who is married to a district administrator who pulls down an annual salary of $145,700 is that kind of person. Vega-Villa was a proven quantity who was passionate about Latino education.

Our school board had a chance to right the wrong that was executed by a negligent auditor. They failed and that is sad.

Dave Riggs


Remember why we have Snake River dams

OK, let’s just take a moment and think about this Snake River dam removal scheme.

Why were these dams constructed in the first place?

Let’s recall: flood control, irrigation, electric power and transportation of products from up river.

Now, if on a whim, the dams are removed, we lose flood control, irrigation, a cheap, renewable source of electric power and an efficient barge transportation system. Oh, and we contribute greatly to air pollution from more trucks and trains hauling goods from Lewiston downriver to ports in Vancouver and Portland areas.

Just a thought, population is increasing by leaps and bounds so where is the energy to maintain the homes and businesses to come from?

Gary Garrison

Rock Island