Library reading list promotes bizarre ideology

Leafing through the April 2021 mailer I just received from NCW Libraries, I noticed a curious pattern. In the Young Adults and Children sections, approximately 40 percent of the new titles dealt with either matters of race, gender, or (so-called) societal injustice.

Examples include “The List of Things That Will Not Change” in which “Bea navigates ... her father’s coming out as gay”; “What Lane?” in which “a bi-racial boy is treated differently than his white friends”; “Cemetery Boys” in which “Yadriel, a trans boy, is determined to prove his true gender; and “Sanctuary” where “Vali’s mother is detained by the Deportation Forces.”

Does someone have an agenda here?

Although I have not read any of these books, it is not hard to imagine that they belong, not in the children’s section, but in the left-wing, woke propaganda section.

A concise summary of their themes would be: (1) a country has no right to enforce its borders (2) homosexuality and gender switching are the latest fads, so come join in the fun (3) a person’s race, not qualities like integrity or accomplishment, is one’s most important attribute.

Anyone who has watched the tumult of the last year with disbelief need look no farther for an explanation than institutions like our local public library for the source of such bizarre ideology.

Having wisely targeted the impressionable young with their radical ideas, these zealots have made alarming advances.

Will Wenatchee adopt the standards of San Francisco? County commissioners appoint our library trustees. Let them know what you think.



Farewell, Pybus Bistro

I was surprised and saddened to learn that Sunday, May 30 will be Pybus Bistro’s last day.

The Bistro has been one of the very few Wenatchee restaurants serving good locally sourced food, and good wine served by delightful people. Now our dining options are once again diminished.

There are no winners here, only losers. Pybus Market has lost an anchor tenant. The owners of the Bistro have lost on a significant investment. And, we the public have lost another restaurant. All involved in whatever broke down should re-examine how this happened.

Now, Pybus Market has the unenviable task of finding a good tenant. Hopefully, a fine dining establishment.

I hope the owners of the Bistro have the tenacity and resources to open anew in Wenatchee. Count me, my wife and many of our friends as supporters.



Excise vs income tax

An income tax by definition taxes everyone fairly on one’s income. A tax on anything else is usually based on the purchase or sale price.

To start off, no retirement accounts, forestry or real estate will be subject to the new tax. The bulk of the tax will come off sales of stocks, and higher-end luxury sales and purchasing.

The opponents of this tax seem to avoid the issue of greed in our society.

How much is too much without giving back? I don’t mean handouts or welfare but building our bridges, roads and making backup plans for cities in times of disaster.

The people affected by this tax are not average Joes or Donnas. If there is a minimum wage, why can’t we impose a maximum wage off huge asset sales gained by using the taxpayer infrastructure and system of wages lower than life costs for most people?

The limit to making money should never be imposed in capitalism; but the more taxes a person pays, the more money they are usually making. A judge making $150,000 is living well and should easily see the excess accumulation of this type of money is only made possible by the system put in place by taxpayers and taxes who build new courts, hire more law enforcement officers and build more infrastructure.

Let’s hope excess is used for more opportunities for everyone not to buy another yacht, cryptocurrency investment or plane. If one wants those things then maybe luxury should come with a higher price tag in society.