Don’t drill for oil in the arctic

I was in the Alaska arctic last month. It was amazing to see a landscape full of birds nesting and caribou with this year’s calves and large predators, all thriving because of the vast undeveloped landscape.

It was also depressing to be there. It was HOT in Alaska. Hotter than it has been in any recorded time. I saw animals suffering from unprecedented heat. And I was standing right in the place where politicians have suggested drilling for oil. If we drill for that oil, and burn it, it will be even hotter.

We all need energy. But, I believe more people are realizing that the energy we are using is hurting our collective future. I also believe we are smart enough to use energy that is clean and can help our young people have a life that is not as painful as it might be if we don’t. Our ability to play in the snow, to breathe air that is not so smoky, to avoid huge losses to wildfires, to enjoy rivers that have a healthy amount of water each year, is all slipping through our fingers.

If now is not the time to chose to shift from energy that is polluting the thin atmosphere above us to energy that is abundant and doesn’t damage our future, then when is the time to make that choice?

The only people that want to make that decision hard for us are those that have a stake in the richest companies on the planet so they can become richer. We can invest in new companies. We can enrich different people, and at the same time we can invest in our future, our kids future, and their kids future.

I propose we don’t drill in the Arctic! I think it might be a good idea to leave that oil in the ground where it is not damaging our future and its removal doesn’t impact a wilderness full of life. I think we might be able to agree that RIGHT NOW is the time to start working hard for a better, cleaner, less polluting future.

Kent Woodruff