Many vets groups doing good

Once again, a certain member of the veteran community is guilty as charged with assault. That veteran has unfortunately tarnished the image of the veteran community.

We here at the Wenatchee Valley Veterans Hall (The Vets Hall) formally distance ourselves from such individuals and behavior. That individual does not represent our organization or the bulk of the veteran community.

If you are interested in supporting the veteran community and want to be confident you are not supporting

such behavior, I would humbly invite you to contact other well-established veteran organizations. There are too many good veterans and veteran community organizations to list them all, so here are a few to consider: The Vets Hall, NCW Veterans Info, the American Legion Post 10, VFW Post 3617, the Veteran Knights of Wenatchee Valley College or new organizations like Tour of Duty.

Please consider one of these organizations instead of the Vets Warehouse Thrift Store.


East Wenatchee

On common sense, COVID-19 and Afghanistan

The order to wear a mask is back and I will comply. I want to be safe and I want the people around me to be safe, also.

There is so much information floating around in the news media that it’s confusing and disheartening, and questionable as to what I should believe. Common sense tells me to wear the mask, wash my hands, distance from people and so on.

The flu season came and went in 2020, and I met no one that had had the flu. Here again, common sense and caution made a difference. I pray for the people that are sick, and I hope most folks will get the vaccination, because it will help to protect you and your family. It’s a free country and most people still have the option, so please consider it.

One more plea: Please pray for our troops, and the people of Afghanistan. I think our military leaders are trying to do the right thing, and our president needs to listen to his advisers. Common sense: if you are suppose to pull out in May, 2021, but things got behind, then start as soon as possible and do a controlled pull out and keep all the bases stocked and guarded. Even an old lady like myself figured that out!

The 20-year anniversary of 9/11 is coming, and that’s another tough one to take.

Here’s one last statement of mine, “we can agree to disagree,” but this is just my observations of what I read, see on the news, and hear people saying. Oh, and I’m an American that loves my country, and I fly my flag whenever the mood hits me. God bless.


East Wenatchee

Unmasked candidates don’t deserve our support

I remember clearly a grade school teacher whose classroom management style was to shout and scream at unruly students. Much has changed since that time and today’s teachers know that nothing is solved with outrageous screaming but rather with thoughtful, considerate, empathetic conversations.

The recent behavior of the unmasked people disrupting the Wenatchee School Board meeting was shocking and nothing was gained from their efforts.

Two citizens, Katherine Thomas and Matt Van Bogart, currently candidates for school board positions, were among this unmasked crowd. If this is the style of leadership that they condone, they do not deserve our votes to be put in charge of shaping education in Wenatchee.