A political forest fire

Donald Trump is a political forest fire whose followers are aflame with an out of control fire of loyalty consuming their rational faculties and good judgment.

Just as a forest fire casts a spell over whatever gets in its way, reducing everything to dust and ashes, so also Mr. Trump’s fiery speech and manner cast a spell over his followers’ political, moral and religious instincts, reducing them to the dust and ashes of Mr. Trump’s authoritarian appeal to people’s need to have an infallible, cult-like, leader to follow.

All I can say is, thank God for Liz Cheney and her willingness to stand up to Mr. Trump’s Great Lie that he won the 2020 presidential election. Ms. Cheney is, indeed, a heroic First Responder in a Republican Party attempting to preserve its traditional conservative values as well as protect our country from the dangerous political, racial (white supremacy) forest fires aflame with the ego, tongue and self imagined greatness of Donald Trump.



I’m vaccinated, but can’t go with pet to vet

Today, I took my cat into a scheduled vet appointment. When I got there I was told I’d have to wait in my car. (I’m vaccinated and had a mask) but they are “redecorating,” so, OK.

Then, they called to get info and I thought I’d be going in at the appointment time to meet the vet and this was just info gathering for the vet, but, “No, the appointment would be by phone and the vet would call as my cat was being seen and I would talk to her in real time. (What a privilege!) But, what could I do? (Didn’t feel real!)

The vet called and we spoke for a couple of minutes. Then a bit later, they called again for payment info ($425) for the phone visit and two Rx’s and said my cat would be out soon.

I’m not saying the service I received wasn’t effective for my cat, but why did I spend an hour in my car waiting and on the phone when I’m vaccinated? Why did I bother to get vaccinated if my liberty and ability to care for the four-leggeds I love is still restricted?

A friend of mine lost her dad (not to COVID) and couldn’t visit him because of this! We are being abused and denied our liberty because it is easier for docs and vets to spend a few minutes on the phone than to see us in person.

I fired that vet and established with one who will let me be with my four-legged loves in their time of trouble. No parent would tolerate not being able to accompany their child to an appointment but we pet owners are treated less like family despite being “parents.” If we are vaccinated, why are we still denied the liberty of being with the ones we love?



Lincoln Park is wrong location for carnival

I can assure you not everyone was excited to learn that the carnival will be held at Lincoln Park.

This decision was made without any notice or input from the neighborhood. This is a neighborhood — not a commercial or industrial area. There is nothing around the park but family homes and a nearby school.

We have had many large events there but they only lasted one or two days on the weekend, so the noise and traffic were tolerable, although at times we had had trouble getting to our house.

What time will it shut down at night? Are there limits on noise? Some of the events had music that literally rattled our windows all day, but at least they quit at dark.

I am not the only resident feeling blindsided by this decision. I find it hard to believe that anyone who voted to OK this would have welcomed it if it was set up across the street from their home.