Support Wenatchee schools levy

The Wenatchee School District will be submitting a levy for voter approval on Feb. 9, and we believe it deserves the strong support of everyone in our community.

We all know the deep importance a strong school system is to our area, and the many ways it strengthens — not just the students it serves — but their families, district employees and the community who enjoys the benefits of well-supported school programs and activities.

This is a replacement levy, not an increase; and yet, the funds are critical to many school needs such as smaller class sizes, counselors and nurses and technology. (For a complete list of programs funded see The Wenatchee World article from Jan. 16: “Getting out the vote might be greatest challenge for Wenatchee school levy.”)

We have seen first hand how difficult this past year has been for the Wenatchee community and particularly for students and teachers.

We also know how hard teachers and staff have worked to adapt and meet the needs of kids. They deserve our fullest support for the better days to come.

Please vote yes!

Don and Heidi Myers


Support Wenatchee sports: Vote for levy

To paraphrase the mission statement of the WIAA, we vigorously believe in “strengthening all students for life through participation in excellent, fair, safe and accessible extra-curricular activities.”

Specifically, our lifetime experiences have proven to us the value of interscholastic athletics. Participation in athletics serves to enhance the development of physical health and wellness, improved academic performance, leadership and teamwork skills, accountability and responsibility, time management and prioritization and mentorship.

Wenatchee’s athletic, drama and arts extracurricular programs are entirely paid for by the levy and state matching funds that depend on the levy.

We vigorously support the passage of this 2021 school levy.

Sandy Cooprider

Retired WVC and NWAACC Hall of Fame coach/administrator

Greg Franz

Retired WVC Hall of Fame coach

Bob Bullis

Current WHS track coach

Support levies for Cascade School District

As a parent and educator, I urge you to vote yes on the upcoming levies for Cascade School District.

These are not new taxes.

There are two levies proposed, which will replace taxes that are already being collected. In fact, the rate proposed for these two levies combined ($1.14/1,000 assessed value) is lower than what is currently being collected ($1.50/1,000 assessed value). Voting yes for school levies provides schools approximately 20% of their funding revenue.

The majority of the funding will go toward student support services and safety (46%) and the remainder will fund facilities (28%), extra-curricular activities (19%), technology (4%), and learning improvement (3%).

This has been an incredibly tough year for students, teachers and parents. Let’s approve this levy to show support for our district rather than giving them one more thing to figure out like how to make extensive budget cuts.

Right now, we need the district administration to focus on supporting teachers and students through distance learning and figuring out how to bring our students back to school safely. Again, I urge you to vote yes on the upcoming levies for Cascade School District.

Ballots were mailed out Jan. 22 and they are due Feb. 9. For more information, please visit

Jennifer Hadersberger


Support school nurses: Approve Wenatchee levy

Before our kids can learn to their full potential, they must be healthy and well. Employing caring professionals who monitor and support their physical and mental health is a vital aspect of the good schools we now enjoy. Maintaining funding for these important positions is on the ballot on Feb. 9.

Most of us falsely assume that each school has a dedicated nurse on site all day. However, the state provides funding for only one nurse for virtually our entire school district.

Our local levy pays for six more, reducing caseloads and enabling nurses to better address our students’ ever-increasing health needs. School nurses must monitor and help students manage all kinds of allergies — from minor to life threatening, teach students (and families) how to manage diabetes and other serious health conditions, maintain immunization records, address COVID-19 safety and much more.

Because most of our nurses serve multiple buildings, they must also provide fellow staff members with information, training and supplies to care for impacted students in their absence.

It’s not hyperbole to say that losing nursing support due to levy failure could be life-threatening for many of our students. Consider in the nine years from 2008 to 2017 alone, our nurses report the number of students requiring medications at school rose from 108 to 465. Students requiring epi-pens rose from 18 to 108, asthma rose from 164 students to 606, diabetes rose from 12 to 28, and agency coordination for students requiring detailed medical plans rose from 115 to 270.

Nurses frequently collaborate with counselors, who have also experienced a dramatic rise in demand for mental health services.

In view of these increasing needs, it’s critical to maintain the services our levy-funded nurses and counselors provide. Please vote yes for the Wenatchee School District replacement levy.

Kris Cameron


Wenatchee School District has earned a vote of confidence

The key to a vibrant and prosperous community begins with the quality of its education system. The Wenatchee School District enjoys a well-earned reputation as a high-quality school system and deserves our enthusiastic, community-wide support for the upcoming EP&0 Renewal Levy.

The 2021 EP&O Renewal Levy is a continuation of the existing levy, not a new tax. It will not increase the amount of taxes you pay.

What it will do is allow the Wenatchee School District — with its history of fiscal responsibility and sound financial stewardship — to continue providing the high-quality education for which it is known.

Our own children received an exceptional education in the Wenatchee schools provided by skilled and caring teachers, staff and school leadership. We want to ensure that all students — current and future — have access to that same quality of education, necessary support programs and well-maintained public facilities.

The Wenatchee School District has earned our continued vote of confidence and requires our continued support. We strongly urge you to vote in favor of the upcoming EP&O Renewal Levy on Feb. 9.

Gene and Carol Sharratt

East Wenatchee

Support Cascade schools levy

Our community has suffered a great deal due to the pandemic. It is essential that we as community members continue to support each other through difficult times.

One key element to building and maintaining strong communities is public education.

I have lived in the Upper Valley for the last 13 years and feel very fortunate to live in an area that values education. As a community, we can continue to support learning efforts by voting YES on the upcoming levies. Ballots will be in mailboxes on Jan. 22 and are due Feb. 9.

The decision to support the levies is quite simple because there are no new taxes. These are replacement levies for the current ones that will expire. Technology is $0.15/$1.000 the same level as current one. Enrichment Programs and Operations (EP&O) is DROPPING in cost by 28% to $0.99/$1,000. Technology and Safety are vital to student learning and yet are not covered by the state.

If it were not for previous technology investments, we would not have had the infrastructure to implement COVID-19 distance learning. We need to keep up with technology upgrades in order to meet the unique challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Students and teachers need support from the community now more than ever. These levies are extremely important because they cover 20% of the school district budget.

Please join me in support of levies for learning as you complete your ballot.

Jenelle Landgraf


Cascade levies support our children

When the Pandemic hit, our family had to rearrange life in many ways with two kids going to school “virtually” at home.

There was lots of anxiety about how school would look and feel at home. Had it not been for the school’s support we would have struggled to have access to all the educational needs during this extraordinary year. With the school-supplied materials — their laptop for my 10-year-old and an iPad for our 7-year-old, which both came preloaded with all the platforms, programs, and applications they would need — that transition was made much smoother.

After picking up their devices, both kids “logged into” their classrooms and began a year of virtual learning.

I attribute the success of this most unique year to the ability of our schools to quickly supply the technology to their students, and to assist throughout the past months with tech support and upgrades to the program.

I am most amazed to learn that the funds for technology in our schools do not come from the state level but from local levies, which every resident in Leavenworth contributes to. That is why I am writing to our community — a heartfelt thank you is in order for voting to support our school’s technology programs!

As a parent and local Leavenworth resident, I can tell you first hand how necessary these funds became this year to make school accessible to all our students.

Our youngest citizens are supported by the levies you voted for; and, it is the reason why they are able to continue learning this crazy year. The opportunity to renew your support in our kids learning will come through your ballot this February!

The good news is that this is a replacement levy — not a new tax — and can only be used for the vital technology needs which keeps our district up to date on supporting Cascade School district students in all of their diverse technology needs. In normal times and in years like this!

Sabine Kaul-Connolly

Parent and resident

Cascade School District,