Trump: Lies and ‘fake news’

Well, it would seem that the Muller report has given the “Draft Dodger”- in-chief a little more rope.

Impeachment would be too good for him. That would leave us with his lapdog Pence.

In a morbidly perverse way, I hope he does get two terms. If he does, it will be without my vote; however, it would seem that the “popular vote” means nothing. Go figure.

Then: “I love Wiki-leaks.”

Now: “I don’t know anything about Wiki-leaks.”

As I’ve said before, “A liar must have a good memory.”

The last tally I heard credits him with 27 lies a day! No one has that good of a memory. I’d still like to know his I.Q.

I understand that Trump has instructed those in charge not to release his grades. Couple that with his income tax returns and any semi-rational person would concede that he has something he doesn’t want us to know.

The term “fake news” started with Adolf Hitler.

Charlie Olinghouse


Link Transit buses: How many and how much?

I’ll vote “No” on this. The Wenatchee World incorrectly reported that Link bought 40 new buses, but then printed a correction saying that the number was 12. Even at that, Link just spent $6.3 million on those 12 buses if they were correct in saying they cost $526,000 each.

Have you seen school buses lately? I don’t know, but I’d say the school buses only cost about a third of that amount per bus.

I don’t have anything against Link Transit, but there’s a time when we need to say “No” and this is one of them. They say “The community is asking us to extend service.” Well, sometimes you just have to tell “the community” no. That’s what I’ll be doing when I cast my vote.

Vic Clayson