Park developers: Move your families next to your project

This morning I read the article concerning the continued discussion and now superior court case about the proposed Leavenworth Amusement Park and have just two responses:

1. Mr. Sutherland says, “the developers want to be part of the community...”


If that is true, and not something just said to make local residents like you, then I believe they should put their money where their mouth is and buy a house on Icicle Creek Road, where sites will soon will be a lot cheaper after this amusement park monstrosity is dumped on the corner.

And after they’ve settled into their new home, let them send their own children and grandchildren off down the road on their bikes, past their Adventure Park, across the (now even more-congested) highway to our much-loved library.

Then they will truly be part of our community, terribly worried about our kids being hit by cars.

2. And then he goes on to say, “He believes the park will add to the city’s Bavarian theme.”

How on earth will that happen? They can dress their hired help in dirndls and lederhosen, but their bright floodlights and roller coaster and bungee-jumping and gold-panning is not by any stretch of the imagination, one bit German Bavarian. “Verstehen Sie?”

So now we are praying that this one superior court judge is more in tune with the long-term life-needs of the entire community of Leavenworth not just the few financial developers living their daily lives with their families far away.

Claudia Elliott