Population growth is the real environmental threat

“Is the USA full – no, it’s ‘Overfull’ ” reads the headline of Joe Guzzardi’s immigration column (June 13). True, but more significantly, the world is overfull with some 8 billion of us humans.

Although many live nowhere close to the American standard, every person on this planet still leaves a (carbon) footprint, weather due to transportation, resource extraction, agriculture, habitat destruction, waste disposal, war, etc. Then consider virtually all those of the lower strata striving for upward mobility (think overcrowded China, India, much of Africa, along with private vehicles, meaty diets, cell phones, immigration, etc.), which leads to the bottom line: environmental destruction and climate change.

Politicians both here and abroad talk about greenhouse gas reduction through technology, e.g., switching from fossil fuels to renewables, cutting emissions by specified percentages on various timelines. While that avenue should be vehemently pursued, it’s still going to take a major effort simply to cut per capita emissions — not to mention overall reduction as world population grows to a projected 11-14 billion. It stands to reason that if we could cut population in half, we’d probably likewise reduce emission levels by half. And this is accomplished through low-tech methods of birth control, along with a worldwide standard of, say, no more than 2 kids per woman (while many choose to have 1 or none).

Unfortunately, Governor Inslee and other climate politicians never mention the P-word, and perhaps even encourage population growth with the likes of unlimited paid family leave allowances. Meanwhile, Trump and his deniers will exacerbate the situation with a Global Gag Rule that often makes worldwide birth control difficult to come by. Although fewer children would require a generational transition period of fewer young health providers for the many elders, the alternative only prolongs the world’s worst pyramid scheme — a scam leading to more violence, massive die-offs, and general destruction of the planet.

In this game, Ma Nature bats last and, given some million(s) years, she’ll hit that game-winner out of the park, but it’s questionable that any of our descendants will be around to see it.

Larry Glickfeld


Graduation: A time for celebration, not ‘narcissistic blather’

On Friday, June 14, my family and I attended the graduation ceremony for Wenatchee Valley College in Wenatchee. The purpose of this event is to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates.

The program eventually got around to doing that. However, the audience was first subjected to a litany of rhetoric from social movement advocates. Their narcissistic blather overshadowed the graduates, whom the visitors came to honor.

Lifestyle activism does not belong behind the podium during commencement ceremonies. In addition, this activism is proselytizing and does not have a place on campus.

WVC is a wonderful institution when allowed to focus on its primary mission of preparing students for vocation or career.

Daryl Jacobson


The death of a bear was a tragedy

What a tragedy that a mother bear paid with her life protecting her cubs.

It seems to me that the man who was jogging in a bear habitat at 9 p.m. was the problem.

I hope that her cubs can survive without her.

Julia Howard