Fan of the NCW Fair

Thanks for a great day NCW Fair! I noticed the article about the fair in The Wenatchee World on Thursday morning last week and thought it would be a fun activity for the kids in the afternoon. Maybe an hour to see some animals and eat an ice cream cone. Little did I know how much fun we would have. We stayed for six hours and had a blast! I grew up in Iowa so my fair standards are pretty high and this one did not disappoint.

The best part was the 4-H kids in the animal barns. In every barn there were several kids eager to answer our questions and show us their animals. My children were captivated by these older kids who encouraged them to pet their animals and tended to their horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and cows with great care. Not to mention how courteous and responsible they were, greeting everyone walking by and keeping everything clean and in its place.

Other highlights included a nice, shaded, grassy area with free activities for little kids to blow off steam, lots of hand washing stations for all that animal petting, clean bathrooms, a variety of good food options, unique merchandise vendors, nice amusement rides in a parklike setting, a miniature railroad, a gift of painted rocks and a unicorn.

We didn’t see everything at the fair so I know there’s more to discover. Going on the first day was good because everything was very clean and everyone was so enthusiastic. I know that behind the scenes there are a lot of parents, volunteers and employees who make it work. Kudos to them.

And we did not forget the ice cream cone. Huckleberry. Delicious.

Kalen Fraser


Find a new home for Doonesbury

I guess it’s not enough for you people to run the constant stream of poorly drawn and childish anti-Trump cartoons. You also need to include one in the Saturday comics, the ONE refuge from political attacks. I write of Trudeau’s “Doonesbury.”

Sadly, you apparently lack the class to move his cartoon to the editorial page where it belongs, considering the almost constant political shots he can’t resist taking. It’s no wonder why people across America are turning away from what once was a media with class, dignity and forthrightness.

Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley are truly gone from the nation’s media, only to be replaced by partisan hacks.

Jerry Griffin


Thankful for Link

I would like to thank Wenatchee Valley voters for supporting the recent Link Transit ballot measure.

Link is a tremendous service and very important for our community.

I would also like to thank Wenatchee Valley College and the ASWVC Student Senate for giving all students, faculty and staff free Link passes every year.

I live in Leavenworth and commute to the college via Link every day. Thank you for a great service and for all the people who make it happen.

Richard Brinkman