Find a better place to fire weapons

On Monday while hiking, my husband and I spent 30 minutes collecting 168 pieces of spent brass from the overlook parking area in the Okanagon-Wenatchee National Forest, at the junction of the Pipeline Trailhead on the Beehive Road and the Devil’s Gulch Trailhead. The Tie trail runs below the overlook.

As responsible gun owners, we are appalled that the area was littered with these casings and firing these weapons at the junction of two major trailheads and a well-used road is criminally irresponsible.

Not only are innocent hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, and others vulnerable to stray bullets, our area is at the beginning of a long fire season. It only takes one spark to ignite the entire forest, endangering homes, businesses and our recreational areas. I just don’t get it.

The total:

(1) 12-gauge shotgun shell

(6) 9mm Luger casings

(12) 45-automatic casings

(150) Long/short rifle casings, including one live round