Clean up after dogs to protect off-leash dog areas

I’ve got to start by saying I am a four legged lover. I’ve had dogs and/ or cats my entire life. I’m also proud to say I’m a responsible owner, not like the “person” who left a huge pile of dog feces on the Walla Walla tennis courts today or yesterday (it was fairly fresh).

When I lived in Newport, Ore., I’d take my dog to the school’s tennis courts because they were fenced in and he could get a good, safe run. (Our yard was the size of a postage stamp, like ours is here). He never, ever left a pile; but if he had, for heavens sake, I would have picked it up and done my best to remove all trace.

Today, I was appalled at the litterbug, who decided he was “special” and didn’t have to pick up after his or her dog.

It’s infuriating because 95 percent of us wouldn’t do that and that disgusting 5 percent is going to ruin it for us all. There are so few off-leash places we can run and let our dogs socialize, we don’t need fewer.

I had taken my dog to the courts behind the high school. It was great, but after two times there, they started locking it. The bus folk told me those courts are condemned; and I presume, they fear a lawsuit or some action if someone is injured.

I can sympathize in this litigious world. But now, I’m truly livid and I wish I could have traced this pile at the Walla Walla courts to the dog owner and fined his negligent self to the hilt.

Have some manners and common courtesy and clean up after your dog and yourself. You are not special... rules apply to you too!

Sharon Muir




Media-biased reporting on Eakin and Pro-Life movement

Your front page article by Bridget Mire, “Man convicted of murder turns anti-abortion activist” (4/18/2019) is a showcase of media bias and a glaring example of the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood (PP).

Your headline and the details of Jake Eakin’s crime casts his testimony at the Wenatchee City Council meeting in a decidedly negative light. The implication is that those involved in the pro-life movement are indeed violent, as the spokesman for Planned Parenthood, Mr. Dillon, states later in the article.

And, who can take seriously the testimony of a convicted killer?

Mr. Dillon stated that the pro-life movement is “anything but (a peaceful movement) …They are using very violent imagery.” The implication is that those who want to protect the lives of innocent pre-born children are a violent fringe group.

The truth is that when “violent images” are used, they are the images that depict what PP does every day of operation — images of tiny human beings torn apart by the abortionists’ instruments.

Let’s be truthful: Yes, Jake Eakin killed another human being, but paid his debt to society. Planned Parenthood kills more than 300,000 human beings annually and has yet to pay its debt to society.

Ted O’Donnell, MD (Ret.)

East Wenatchee