Two crimes — but the same sentence

As I read the paper today I can clearly conclude that our entire justice system needs some serious attention.

I read two articles in depth about two entirely different types of crimes. One was about Elaine Hurd who was charged with second-degree criminal mistreatment, which resulted in the death of her son.

The other was about Francisco Kehoe who was charged with malicious mischief, possession of methamphetamine, DUI and reckless endangerment, all because he drove a car slowly through the Wenatchee Valley Mall. No one was hurt. I admit that what he did was very wrong and dangerous. What she did was beyond comprehension.

And yet, they basically got the same sentence of one year in jail. How frustrating is that? VERY!

Linda Graham


Worker or passenger?

If socialism/communism is so wonderful, why are people from those countries fighting to get into America?

Socialism/communism always ends with despots in charge, and the people being milked as funding sources. When the money runs out, there’s usually a bloody revolution.

Capitalism works if it stands on a moral foundation. America was founded on the Christian faith. If success is measured only by how much money you have (huge amounts of money create huge amounts of power), capitalism becomes blatant greed and we lose our moral foundation. We are watching our society evolve into a minority of the very rich attempting to control the rest of us. Another recipe for revolution.

Every generation must choose what it will support. Work to change what you don’t like. If you don’t, others will determine the fate of your children and grandchildren. As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.”

I believe in the “melting pot” vision of America: If you come here legally, work to support yourself and your family, honor God and your new country, you are welcome here. People can succeed if they are willing to work and follow our laws. America is still a place of hope.

I also believe powerful people see America as the last game pawn to be taken down before a global government can be established. That is why we are currently seeing such violence and political maneuvering. But people are waking up.

America is a big ship politically, socially, and spiritually. It takes a huge amount of pressure to change its direction. You are either working to steer the ship or a passenger just along for the ride.

Chrystal Perrow


It’s all about freedom

Stop it America, before we ruin that which has been the beacon of hope for the world’s poor and dispossessed for 243 years.

Our politicians on both sides of the aisle are preaching utter, self-serving nonsense. It isn’t this country they love, it is themselves.

We aren’t helpless, poor, deprived, put upon. We are the most fortunate people on earth.

It’s not because any of us are wealthy, or that government takes care of us. It’s because we remain free to live out our days in freedom rather than as some king or dictator decrees.

Wealth and government can’t give us priceless lives. Only courage, decency, faith and love can give us that. All of those things are free. Reach out and take it for your own.

Recently our nation remembered the invasion of France during World War II, and honored the brave men and women who fought there. They defeated the mightiest armies the world had ever seen, then handed freedom back to the whole world and went home. Today the white grave markers of those who died there march over their horizons like trees in a forest. Louder than a clap of thunder, they tell us our freedom is far from free.

An old country philosopher, Will Rogers, liked to say “A man is just about as happy as he wants to be.” Then he would add “ I have never met a man I didn’t like.”

That’s fine advice, but life is never perfect and we humans sure aren’t. God doesn’t promise perfection for us, only the strength and courage to endure.

Stop listening to the promise of government. Stop expecting that lives of ease, fine homes and fine cars will give us the meaningful lives we all want.

If it must be, live in a shack, nail the boards on, fill it with hope, courage, faith and love.

Keep the promises made when you and your love stood before family and God. Then raise one more of America’s Finest generations, and be as rich as any man can get in this life.

That’s how the parents of our heroes at Normandy and on the Pacific Islands did it. And just look at the kids they raised.

Gene Staley