History repeats: Fascism on the rise

Through the cacophony of loud voices inside the Washington, D.C., beltway, the careful listener can detect the not too distant drumbeat of autocratic behavior by the current administration.

We did not sign up for an autocracy, but rather a determination to embrace the democracy which the founders wisely formulated. Our current failing could be to pay insufficient attention to remind ourselves about the lesson which befell Europe in the 1930s.

We need to stay very alert.

Robert A. Anderson M.D.

East Wenatchee

Friends of Leavenworth protect quality of life for the city

The editorial by The World on the future of Leavenworth was spot on. The impetus for his article was last week’s public hearing on the proposed Adventure Park project which was attended by approximately 250 people.

Of the over 70 people who testified, all but nine were against the project because of increased traffic, noise, lack of parking, and diminished quality of life. Many residents see this project as a tipping point for our community. Will the city of Leavenworth continue to promote tourism at the expense of quality of life for its residents?

Friends of Leavenworth, a non-profit community organization, has found itself in the lead in opposing the Adventure Park project, but opposing projects is not why we created this organization. We organized to accomplish these objectives:

  • To protect the health, safety, and quality of life for residents, now and into the future.
  • To promote sustainable tourism and diverse economic growth.
  • To work cooperatively with city, county and state agencies to ensure balanced policies that allow growth while protecting the unique qualities of our community.
  • To partner with the business community on shared goals.
  • To preserve and protect the natural environment.

We have held four open community meetings in the past year to provide a forum for residents to discuss issues.

Occasionally, individual City Council members have attended these meetings. We believe that some Council members are eager to begin a conversation with residents about the issues facing our community, but, residents’ opportunity to “dialog” with the Mayor and City Council is limited to 3-minute comments at the beginning of City Council meetings. This is not dialog but rather one-way communication.

We agree wholeheartedly with The World and we second its call for a “community-wide dialog [to] develop a shared vision for the future that is broadly supported.”

The level of community opposition to the Adventure Park should be a loud wake-up call to our elected officials at both the City and the County. It clearly signals that residents want to be involved in discussions and decisions about the future of our valley.

Kirvil Skinnarland, board of directors

Friends of Leavenworth


Kelli Scott: Abortion and free speech

Alternatives to abortion

After reading Kelli Scott’s May 10 column on the activities of “extreme anti-abortion activists” at the Apple Blossom Festival, I was reminded how people can wittingly undermine their own causes.

I agree with Ms. Scott that the images of bloody fetuses and yelling at people is absurd, to say the least. In this instance, she made a valid point—unlike some of the disconnected accusations I’ve read from previous Safety Valve letters.

Rather than dissecting everything in this article, I’d like to put the focus back on the core issue of the abortion debate: the baby.

Most often, the expressions “extreme” and “complicated issue” are at the forefront of the pro-choice argument. But when you use the word extreme around those dedicated to the sanctity of life, they get a different image.

It is the vision of an innocent baby residing in its mother, waiting to be born. Then comes an instrument of death into its sanctuary as the baby begins its futile struggle to survive, only to be crushed and dismembered in the moments that follow.

Where are the tears and the voices decrying this extreme? And why don’t Planned Parenthood and like-minded organizations offer all the available information —including adoption — that’s offered by most pro-life centers throughout America? Isn’t this what pro-choice should be about?

The complicated issues surrounding the mother of an unwanted child could be reduced if she were given the full story of available options and encouraged to help her innocent baby live by providing food, diapers, and other resources.

As for the baby, the issue isn’t complicated at all. It’s Boolean logic Ms. Scott: The child lives or the child is killed. There’s no in-between.

John Alexander


Not the final arbiter of speech

Everyone should just bow down to Kelli Scott. She seems to think that she’s the final arbiter of what is normal speech.

All speech is normal; and if a human can think it, a human can say it. This isn’t Russia just yet.

The arrogance of her statement is breathtaking, to say the least. I guess it’s like what my father used to say: “Never trust or believe anyone who reads the Atlantic.”

James Backman