Vote for Trump

Americans, we are under attack. It’s not only from foreign enemies like Russia and China, but also from within. It’s from groups like the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter, the media, and even some Christian organizations, under the guise of social justice.

The foreign threat is bad enough, we know what their intentions are, but the internal problem is insidious. It creeps up on you, cloaked in good-sounding words and phrases that put you into a no-win situation. If you object, you are categorized as a racist or a homophobe.

The unforgivable event in Minneapolis, the killing of a defenseless black man, has put our enemies on an organized, relentless attack. They are smart enough to select weak cities with weak leaders for their protests.

Consequently, these demonstrations have gone on far too long. There appears to be no end and no solution. We have had problems in past years, but then, there were leaders who wanted to solve problems, ideology was put aside, country came first. But now, hate for one man, President Trump, has overtaken all reason, the attacks never end.

When our country was formed, Benjamin Franklin was asked, What kind of country do we have? His answer was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Crunch time is here, we must defend it and keep it or the leftists will take over. We have withstood a civil war, two world wars and strife of all kinds, we survived and came out stronger than before.

We must win again, or our way of life will not survive. Imagine living under a liberal Democrat-controlled United States. A weak-kneed President Biden will be driven by the radical elements within the Democrat Party. If you want more Seattle CHOPs — vote for Biden. If want more historic statues torn down — vote for Kim Schrier; if you want more mob rule — vote for any Democrat.

If you want peace in our cities, controlled immigration, a strong economy and strong leadership — vote for Trump. And to help Trump win — vote for Jesse Jensen.

Wallace Aunan


Masks for the Fourth

I find it interesting that our governor decided to force everyone to wear masks right before our Independence Day.

We stopped tyranny then in its tracks. Many have died for our nation to have freedom. The air we breath does not belong to him! We have the right to wear or not to wear a mask. Pray for those in authority.

Daniel prayed anyway knowing he was going against the king. Sure he ended up in the lion’s den, but God ended with the glory and he was protected. Stand up people! All we like sheep have gone astray! The sheep hears and knows His voice.

I love my nation! If you don’t, go ahead and try this July 4th to eat a hot dog with a mask on. We are all one blood and many races. All loved by God.

Linda Watkins


Wear a face mask

When I went into the town of Entiat today, I visited the post office, Food Center,and liquor store.

If you know Entiat, there’s not much else there. I was disappointed to find that I was the only one, on either side of each service counter, wearing a face mask.

Get real folks, our community, our country, and our world are dealing with a deadly infectious disease. Please wear a face mask or other face covering such as a bandanna, scarf, or plastic shield.

Your personal freedoms end where they impinge on the freedoms of others. Not wearing a mask doesn’t do anything for you, it endangers the rest of us.

Susan Kidd


Essential workers deserve respect

As a grocery checker myself, I know firsthand how simple a smile from a customer can improve someones day or how a single harsh word or rude remark can destroy it.

Being courteous and thoughtful cost you nothing and it can pay you dividends in so many unexpected ways. We are in a horrible pandemic yet grocery store workers put themselves on the front lines every day to serve the customer who needs to feed their families.

We risk our health to serve the public and to make a living out of necessity to feed our own families.

The angry customer who forgets to maintain social distancing in line, coughing in line on a customer, irritated customers who make fun of those who wear masks, being rude to the service checker when they ask how your day is does not accomplish anything.

Instead, kindness and courtesy are at the root of a positive experience with a grocery store worker. Yes, everyone matters and everyone has a life that has many ups and downs at this time but they way you treat others sets standards on how you wish to be treated.

We don’t go to work everyday and put our lives on the line for others to be treated with disrespect and angry outbursts. It takes a second to “Thank you for being here. I really appreciate it.”

And people should mean it. We deserve kindness and thanks at the very least from others.

Next time you get angry in the store, ask yourself who does the hard work to stock products to make sure items are on the shelves, who makes sure the grocery carts are sanitized, who takes the extra step to make sure your eggs and bread are bagged so they don’t get smashed, who greets you with a smile. Yes, you can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice — when you meet the grocery checker to buy groceries.

Checkers and other essential employees deserve compassion and respect for the hard work and diligent service provided to each and every customer.

Deborah Katalinich

Cle Elum

Build more dams

There it goes again. The life blood of our valley, rushing headlong to the sea.

We need more dams. The fish need more dams. The lawns and orchards. The deer and fish. We all need water.

Water for power and to drink and irrigation. Please build more dams before all our wealth and ease fades away.

Chris Hiatt


President Grant statue wrongly toppled

I am confused as to what rational person(s) would countenance the desecration of a statue of General Ulysses Grant, as being remotely an advocate of slavery.

He was a fervid prohibitionist and was accused of being a “slaveholder” as the result of his benighted future father-in-law, bequeathing a man as a wedding gift to his daughter whom became General Grant’s wife.

The slave was released before the Civil War. Grant as a man had many faults such as a lifelong bout with alcoholism; but slavery no, he was adamantly anti-slavery.

I stand confused as to why the statue of Grant was desecrated by benighted individuals. Ignorance should not be an excuse for maligning a legitimate American who can be said was a great leader of America both during the Civil War and later as 18th President of the United States.

Terry Elwell