You should visit the 9/11 memorial in Cashmere

I was fortunate to attend the 9/11 memorial held at the 9/11 Memorial Wednesday in front of the Riverside Center in Cashmere.

It was a very moving ceremony. The ceremony included a talk by one of the clergy that was at the site for some time after the fateful day 18 years ago helping anyone needing someone to talk to.

Recently the local 9/11 Foundation added the twin towers in granite that are 11 feet tall with all the names of the people lost engraved with the first responders on one side. Added was a granite of state of Pennsylvania with a piece of rock from the site of that crash. The other item added is a monument of the Pentagon.

It is a sight that shouldn’t be missed. The original phase has some very interesting and moving pieces. The whole monument is something all Americans should see, especially if you live in this area. The clergy who has seen many other monuments says this is one of the finest that he has seen. The monument is all granite and bronze to last for many years beyond our lives.

How many times have you driven by the 9/11 Memorial sign just outside of Cashmere and not turned off to see this important part of United States history? I am surprised at the number of people I know that live here who have never seen it. I wonder how many people don’t even know it is there.

I challenge each and every one of you to take a little time to stop and see this beautiful monument to all who perished.

We all should feel proud to live in this country and be glad that one of the worst terrorist attacks in the world didn’t stop us or keep us from our freedom.

Dan Kelly


Senator Murray can help fight global AIDS crisis

During the past 15 years, we’ve made immense progress in the global AIDS fight, but the disease remains a deadly crisis. Every day, the AIDS epidemic claims over 2,000 lives.

Now that there’s been an agreement on the budget, it’s important that Congress sends a clear signal to the world that America intends to continue our historic one-third commitment to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, one of the most effective and efficient health partnerships on the planet.

Today, the countries most affected by AIDS are contributing more to the fight than ever before. But, the battle is far from over and the United States must continue to play a critical leadership role.

Viruses like HIV do not respect borders. Senator Murray can help us win the fight against AIDS by standing up, speaking out and supporting America’s one-third commitment to the Global Fund ($1.56B), which will be used to incentivize billions of dollars in investments from other donors and save millions of innocent lives.

Michelle Shermer