Faith in humanity restored

A thousand thanks plus to the individual who turned in my lost billfold to the Target lost and found.

You are to be commended, and you have restored my faith in the goodness of mankind/womankind. Thank-you, thank-you.

Rosaleen Dickinson


Except for support animals, keep dogs out of stores

I am tired of insensitive, selfish dog owners.

On Thursday, July 25, a woman brought a small dog into a local department store in East Wenatchee while I was returning a shirt. She let the dog poop in front of the main checkstand where customers stand. Disgusting. Asking for a paper towel, she picked up the main wet turds, smearing the rest into the carpet.

Appalled, I told the clerk what happened. “I’m going to call the manager,” she said.

“I haven’t had him trained as a support dog yet,” I overheard the woman saying in the shoe area. Her dog lunged at me as I walked by.

Except for certified seeing-eye dogs, I believe all dogs should be banned from stores and grocery stores.

Kathleen Miller