Vote for Norton, Thomas and Van Bogart

The main reason I ran for Wenatchee School Board was my disappointment with the decisions the current school board made during the last year and a half. I believe they should have pushed harder to get our kids back in the classroom full-time sooner. Some of these same board members are now running for re-election. It is infuriating to hear these individuals claiming they championed getting our kids back to school full-time when the records clearly show us they did not. I encourage everyone to do their own research. All past school board meetings are available to watch online.

I am grateful that our classrooms are finally open full-time again, and I am still committed to doing what I can to support our schools. While running for school board I got to know many candidates. And that’s why I am putting my full support behind Julie Norton for Position 5, Katherine Thomas for Position 4 and Matt Van Bogart for Position 2.

Julie Norton has a proven track record on the school board. She listens, asks tough questions, and was the driving force resulting in some of our kids being able to return to the classroom full-time last year. Katherine Thomas will be a tireless advocate for our kids and has committed to putting the public back into public schools. Matt Van Bogart has an impressive background in business and has already shown his willingness to dig into the details, ask questions, that are necessary to problem solve.

Please join me in supporting Julie, Katherine and Matt for WSD School Board on November 2.

Jennifer Brandt


The opioid pandemic and vaccine hesitancy

Our country is facing a crisis of confidence that is killing people. Far too many in our midst refuse to trust the medical community, as well as our government, and are not getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Much of the blame for this has been rightly placed on misinformation passed along by right-wing bloggers and commentators, and possibly also by foreign governments which seek to undermine us. However, there is one source of responsibility which I have not heard mentioned, but which should be included. The pharmaceutical industry itself. The opioid epidemic, which has killed over 700,000 people (and a record 92,000 people in 2020 alone) started because the pharmaceutical industry blatantly lied about the addictive dangers of opioids. Johnson and Johnson, one of the companies we rely on for vaccines, was one of the perpetrators. And the FDA and Congress was for a time complicit in allowing them to lie.

Now, I’m not saying that the anti-vaxers are right to campaign against the vaccines. The data in favor of getting vaccinated is abundant and clear. But I am saying that the pharmaceutical industry needs to own up to their share of responsibility in this. When you repeatedly lie to people, you should not be surprised when they distrust you. Even now they are putting out deceptive misinformation about Congress’s efforts to allow Medicare to negotiate on drug prices. If you want to restore trust, there is a vital first step that must be done: Stop lying!

Rev. Keith Madsen

East Wenatchee

Not a lot of trust in ruling authorities

Remember when the ruling authorities said we would only be locked down for “15 days to stop the spread?” Well, it’s been 18 months and counting.

The ruling authorities aren’t known for their accuracy with numbers. They are fast and loose with definitions, policies and even science. They do not garner a lot of trust or faith in what they say.

If you are vaccinated, you are declared safe. If you have been vaccinated, you don’t have to be fearful of those who have not. You are protected! Yet, the ruling authorities are making you fearful of those that have chosen not to be vaccinated for whatever reasons. Yet a great many of your fellow workers are being jettisoned over a misguided edict that bullies instead of being fair-minded. Those they once said were “essential workers” are now being thrown to the wayside.

For all you public servants, police, fire, civil service, who were once called essential workers, thank you for your service. Sorry, if unvaccinated, you are now fired. For all the healthcare workers, who cared for us tirelessly, thank you for your dedication. Sorry, if unvaccinated, you are fired. For public education workers, who struggled along with kids and parents, thank you for your commitment. Sorry, if unvaccinated, you are fired. All other workers in grocery, restaurant, agriculture and other business, that kept us fed and supplied, thank you for long hours worked. Sorry, if unvaccinated, you are fired. Sorry, to all those who were once deemed essential workers, if unvaccinated, you are fired. Fired, because ruling authorities care more about spin, narrative, power and control, than they care about you.

The unvaccinated have safely worked side-by-side with us for the past 18 months. Why are they unsafe now? Don’t let this happen to your fellow citizens. Let your voice be heard that this is not right.

Earl Engle


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