Trump is the worst president

For the past four years, the sitting U.S. president has uttered countless falsehoods and outright lies. Aided and abetted by the likes of Fox ‘News,’ Trump and his enablers have spread one disgraceful lie after another. It started innocently enough, with Trump falsely boasting about the size of his inauguration crowd; since then, we’ve seen him lie about everything from his affair with a porn star to the seriousness of the COVID pandemic, and everything in-between.

However, with his lies about widespread election fraud — for which there exists no legitimate evidence — Trump’s lies have finally reached a boiling point. After months of Trump breathlessly telling Americans that the 2020 presidential election had been somehow stolen (but the GOP’s many down-ballot wins are somehow legitimate in spite of this imagined malfeasance), Trump’s lies finally led to real, serious consequences on Jan. 6.

On a day which should’ve been mostly ceremonial, when Congress convened to certify the electoral results in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, Trump hosted an early-morning rally in which he riled up a large group of his followers into a frenzy, then encouraged them to “show strength” as they marched on the U.S. Capitol building.

What followed was one of the most shameful events in U.S. history: an armed, violent insurrection on the Capitol, with the intended result of overturning the legitimate results of the presidential election. During this appalling episode, untold horrors followed: blood was shed, a Confederate flag flew near the Capitol, a gallows was erected outside the Capitol and our elected officials feared for their lives, cowering in a secure location as the Capitol was disgraced by the “MAGA Mob.”

Make no mistake, the intended result of this insurrection was no less than an attack on our democracy, fueled by a deranged POTUS unable to accept his legitimate electoral vote loss.

Trump has proven himself not just the most dishonest, but also the overall worst POTUS in U.S. history.

Dain Schroeder


Washington Strong is a must

There is not one piece of legislation I am more excited about than the Washington STRONG Act’s green/recovery bond program. This excellent proposal would give our state access to $16 billion for jobs and climate mitigation projects. Unlike cap and trade, the “green” certification on these bonds ensures the revenue can’t become part of the state General Fund or be spent on carbon offsets out of state. Money would be generated quickly and projects can get underway years earlier.

Examples of qualifying investment types include: energy efficiency and HVAC upgrades to public schools, hospitals and government buildings; forest health projects reducing the risk and intensity of carbon-releasing fires; clean transportation projects like fleet electrification, transit expansion, rail expansion, local commuter paths and trails reducing the need to drive (I’d love to see Solutionary Rail included here!); broadband access enabling communities to remotely access education, employment, services and reducing the need to drive; local climate mitigation/adaptation projects as part of the Growth Management Act planning and facilities upgrades — what our Chelan County has been working on!

Agricultural and timber fuels are exempt (with legislation offering new incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions).

According to Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs reports, there’s an all-time high demand for green bonds which continues to outpace issuance, and this translates to record-low costs.

Washington Strong would create 10 years of bond issuances, each on a 20-year repayment timeline. All debt would be repaid and net zero emissions would be achieved by 2050. Putting a price on carbon pollution ($25/ton) generates the bondable revenue needed, with 15% of the revenue dedicated to help low-middle income households offset any increased costs.

Reps. Lekanoff and Shewmake and Sen. Lovelett are working closely with fellow lawmakers, state agencies, non-governmental organizations, tribal and local governments, scientists, policy experts, economists, financial institutions landowners and community groups to ensure this bill moves all of Washington forward.

Let’s keep revenue in our state! Pass Washington Strong!

Learn more at

Jeanne Poirier


Stop the big lie

This is the time. Time to stand up against the Big Lie.

The U.S. 2020 election was not stolen.

Every civil conversation must now begin with all unwaveringly declaring, “No election stolen.” Any person unwilling to recognize this basic fact is supporting the Big Lie. These 2020 election fraud conspiracy theories and the Big Lie were promoted by self-serving, power-hungry fools who have little regard for their country, voting or their fellow citizens.

So, we plead to all decent Americans to open their eyes. See that this Big Lie is the tumor we must address before our body politic can properly heal. We can do this America!

Vic and Andrea Rudolph


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