Yes, Trump is a very different kind of president

I strongly believe that in a democracy, the population needs to be educated and informed.

I am writing this brief note because of a recent piece on the editorial page by Ellie Ownby. Either Ms. Ownby is uninformed, or else she is showing a willful repudiation of known fact.

She states “Our president is definitely different than our last president but not so different than other presidents in past history.”

No other president in modern history has refused to make public his tax returns. No other president in modern history has refused to amass a transition team so that important government functions could safely continue operation.

Donald Trump has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits. Can Ms. Ownby name another American president of which that is true? In fact, never has there been an American president who continually stretches the truth in his favor and in fact multiple times daily tells outright lies.

Fact checkers on various websites, most with no political connection, are kept busy checking Donald Trump’s “facts”, and on multiple occasions daily he is found to be lying.

News organizations across the country have had to hire extra personnel with the main object of fact checking Trump.

Ms. Ownby states that “Soon they (news organizations) started to lie about him” (Trump.) In fact, news organizations across the country have mostly tried their best to report the news accurately.

Whenever a journalist or TV or radio announcer is truthful but not in agreement with Trump, then Trump calls it “fake news,” and often makes up yet another lie.

Ms. Ownby states that “Trump was elected by the beliefs and concerns of one half of the population.” Well, Ms. Ownby, let us not forget that Trump received less than half of the popular vote.

It certainly doesn’t bother me if you voted for Donald Trump because you think his policies are in line with your own beliefs. But, to defend Donald Trump as an honorable human being, is truly ludicrous.

I am neither Republican nor a Democrat, but I honestly believe that to align oneself with our current president, and to defend his honor, shows a true lack of knowledge of the facts.

Mark Shipman


A needle exchange site is needed

I am writing this letter because I would like to spend some time providing the Chelan/Douglas counties with some important information that I think would move our counties forward and lead to excellent benefits.

I would like to identify a group of people that would be supportive of a needle exchange site for Chelan/ Douglas counties. Grant county is currently running a successful needle exchange site. This site is providing clean needles as well as information on treatment programs, Narcan for overdose reversal, condoms, and wound care kits.

These services have saved eight lives from overdose. This program is saving Grant county money, it is decreasing the amount of individuals that are utilizing emergency department care, decreasing rates of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, getting more people into treatment programs increasing sober individuals, protecting the environment, and preventing infections from dirty needle use.

Of great importance, this program is protecting the people in our environment, the children that play at our parks or our schools, animals that visit our parks, and keeping the public safe from dirty needles that have been discarded.

I hope this encourages you to research this topic more and that you will get involved in our cause to develop a needle exchange site for Chelan/Douglas counties. Speak up and have a voice for our community.

Crystal DeLancy


Okanogan High School sports coverage is missing

I have been disappointed by the complete lack of coverage of the Okanogan High School sports teams this spring. Particularly, as it relates to the recently crowned Washington State 1A Girls State Champion Track Team.

Your Wednesday, May 29 edition leads at the top of the front page of the sports section with, “Caribou Trail League teams rock solid at state.”

Yet the actual state champion Okanogan girls, who are one of the two Caribou Trail League teams not mentioned (the other being Omak), are given no acknowledgement (Okanogan is mentioned once but only in respect to Cashmere finishing second to their 4 X 200 relay team in the preliminaries). Is Okanogan County too far north to be considered part of North Central Washington and the coverage area of a regional newspaper like the World?

It seems that any article about the CTL should include all the teams in the league and not just the three “C’s” that are in Chelan County (Cashmere, Cascade & Chelan). Particularly one that begins with an “O” as in Okanogan and earned the girls state championship in 1A Track.

Randy Kelley