‘Action, joy, and energy’

Here’s a quick kudos to Wenatchee World photographer Don Seabrook for his Nov. 7 Sports section cover photo depicting players from the Eastmont Wildcat girls soccer team in action. Remarkably well-composed, this single photo conveys action, joy, and energy. I am impressed!

Stuart Smith


An awesome Veterans Day presentation at Lewis & Clark

I had the pleasure of accompanying my husband who is a veteran to the assembly at Lewis and Clark Elementary School on Friday, Nov. 8.

Their music teacher Mrs. Kielian did a wonderful job celebrating Veterans Day with the school. The music was well chosen and the students performed wonderfully. Several student solos were included. Although the program was an opportunity to thank all veterans for their service and sacrifice, it was also a showcase for the school’s dual language program.

Students welcomed the audience and introduced the songs in both English and Spanish. Some of the songs were sung in both languages and the students’ dual language abilities were impressive. Kudos to the students, staff and administration at Lewis and Clark for this terrific program and for feting veterans in such an awesome manner.

Judy Cain


Why so many fires?

Would someone please be so kind to explain why there are so many fires in our valley? They primarily seem to be in orchards. Is there a disease or insect that is only eliminated by heat? Is the cost of grinding branches prohibitive? Do folks or businesses that burn have to clear the date by someone with weather knowledge? I would be very interested in getting educated on the smoke in our valley during certain times of year. Thank you so much,

Elisabeth Beckstead


We must reduce spending

It’s sad. But I voted for $30 car tabs out of sheer frustration. For all the wrong reasons! I cannot control the budgetary process I have delegated to and administered by our governor and the legislature. Funded largely by sales and B and O taxes. But I can take a swing at their collective mismanagement by voting against local measures. Schools and roads. Stupidity. I know. In this case, I believe stupidity begets stupidity. A governor who takes a tour at the presidency using my money. An attorney general who wastes his time and your dollars pursuing social issues at the federal level. An annual social and health services budget which rivals the cost of getting to the moon. I believe we must reduce spending stupidly. Tax needs will respond.

Mike Scott

East Wenatchee