Vote for Maria Iñiguez

I am proud to support Maria Iñiguez for Position 2 on the Wenatchee School Board.

Appointed by the board to a vacant position two years ago, Maria is both experienced and qualified to serve a full term. She brings a solid educational background as well as sixteen years working in the field of education.

Maria has lived in Wenatchee for 15 years and her knowledge and understanding of our community enables her to make a valuable and much needed contribution. Her unique perspective and experience have allowed her to advocate for all students.

Maria’s goal is that every student receives the support they need to access a high-quality education regardless of their personal and economic circumstances. She is committed to both transparency and fiscal sustainability.

We are a better community because Maria Iñiguez is on our local school board. Please join me in voting for Maria Iñiguez for Position 2 on the Wenatchee School Board.

Charlie Atkinson


Wenatchee School Board race is important

My wife and I have devoted more than 50 years working with others create a truly quality education program for the children of the Wenatchee School District.

Our children spent their entire K-12 career within the WSD, both have gone on to earn advanced college degrees and have used their educational skills to live productive lives. We are proud of the Wenatchee School District and appreciate the time, character, and research needed to be a good school board member.

In observing, listening, and doing our research, it is clear to us that three candidates stand out as dedicated to ensuring that the Wenatchee School District continues its legacy of excellence.

We urge voters to support: Dr. Michelle Sandberg — Michelle is seeking reelection to continue her already excellent leadership of WSD.

Maria Iñiguez — Maria is a proven leader and Is also seeking reelection to continue to be a voice for all students within the WSD.

Miranda Skalisky — is an excellent choice for the Position 5 seat on the WSD Board. She speaks from a broad background of history and knowledge of the Wenatchee Schools.

It is also clear from the opponents’ actions that they are running in opposition to what most Wenatchee voters want in their elected officials.

Beware of any group of three (Interesting, isn’t it, that all their large political signboards are grouped together?) that seeks to join as one on a five-member board! The actions of Thomas, Van Bogart, and, even, board member Norton during the Aug. 24th Wenatchee School Board meeting were proof positive that these three do not have the health, safety, and well-being of our children at the heart of their decisions. They should have been sent to “Time Out”.

Vote carefully.

Joe and Teri St. Jean

Unfounded slander

There is a lie going around Wenatchee that Katherine Thomas and/or Matt Van Bogart condones threats and/or violence against the school board.

This is an ugly lie. As a nurse and a caring Christian, Katherine has spent her career helping and healing people. To propagate the idea that Katherine Thomas or Matt Van Bogart in anyway wishes or condones threats to harm anyone is preposterous.

Mary Black


About that State Trooper telling off Inslee

An open letter to Washington State Trooper Robert LaMay, whose profane message to Governor Inslee to “kiss his s” went viral.

Trooper, like the governor himself and all public servants, you solemnly swore an oath to uphold your state and federal constitutions to “faithfully perform your duties” to uphold the laws and protect the public.

There was no disclaimer that provided you exemption whenever you personally disagreed.

If you’d pulled me over for speeding, would you have listened to my strong personal conviction that speeding laws are unreasonable? And if I’d told you to kiss my s?


It is no accident that as law enforcement nationally became particularly vaccine resistant, the leading cause of officers’ deaths became Covid. For many of the 97% of Washington State troopers who complied with the mandate, it was not about their opinion of the vaccine, it was about loyalty to the oath and the people — about putting duty above self — apparently a difficult concept for you.

We the people, your benefactors, expect and deserve what you so sanctimoniously defy.

Good luck in your next pursuit. I suggest you avoid any profession that requires a promise of certain performance.

Mark Lindstrom


Appalled by school board meeting

I was appalled by last week’s school board meeting. I was a school board director in Oregon. I have never seen such a poorly run meeting.

First, I would like to comment on the disregard for their published “Board Norms”. Ms. Maria Iñiguez and Dr. Michelle Sandberg did not act in a courteous, dignified or fair way toward Ms. Julie Norton. They clearly violated “respectful atmosphere.”

The Board president should have halted the discussion on future meetings with an admonishment to Ms. Iñiguez and Dr. Sandberg to be respectful. A short recess could have been called but was not.

As Ms. Norton pointed out, the board is required to hold in-person public meetings. Meetings that are entirely on-line were only allowed/required for COVID precautions.

While online options continue to be required in the pandemic, there is no requirement for entirely online meetings, so the board is allowing the exception to swallow the rule.

While I am sorry that Ms. Iñiguez and Dr. Sandberg felt threatened by comments allegedly made by someone in the community, personal safety concerns do not have any relation to COVID exceptions.

I agree with Ms. Norton the concerns of one or two board members should not be a reason to entirely cancel in-person meetings, and that alternative (including hybrid) options can be made available. Again, your policy does not allow board members to “press narrow personal agendas.”

Even if you try to say that concerns for “personal safety” should pose an exception to this policy, their conduct in continuing to show up for other district events (and even bragging about it) mitigates the seriousness of this concern in the eyes of the public.

They commented that future board meetings will never be the same. The public is demanding more participation in their meetings. Canceling in-person meetings will only alienate district parents and concerned citizens further and potentially make future meetings more hostile.

It will also thwart any future attempt to pass bonds or support for funding for needed improvements. How can you represent the public when you don’t want to listen to their opinions or concerns?

Mary Gilliland


School board meeting was democracy in action

Are you hearing rumors of a terrorist riot at a recent local school board meeting? Wow, I must’ve missed something.

When I walked in to the Aug. 24 School Board meeting, I was instantly impressed that many community members were present, sitting, standing, quietly conversing — most were parents of school children. What I witnessed was democracy in action. I was encouraged by civil discourse from reasonably frustrated parents seeking audience from their local school board to address, or at least consider their genuine concerns.

(The young father who stood up briefly and shouted his concerns about his three elementary-aged students was told to sit down, which he did immediately.)

But a “riotous audience?” Not even close. The president raised one hand, calling for quiet, indicating no questions would be answered, no discussion this time.

Now, school board meetings in most communities do not include lively discourse, nor is attendee participation traditionally encouraged. This was not, after all, a town hall venue, and so the school board left the room to meet remotely.

But, look what followed next: the police were called (and didn’t come because they weren’t needed), local TV personalities, our newspaper, and social media users, to their shame, took full advantage of this single moment to spin horrific and slanderous lies about specific school board candidates by accusations that they organized a “riotous” Aug. 24 school board meeting.

Fact: school board candidates along with parents and community members were all in attendance — the parents concerned about decisions which they believed adversely affected their kids. (I wonder, were those concerns ever addressed?)

Readers, don’t buy into the lies and half-truths being purposefully circulated, in this obviously coordinated effort to discredit candidates running for school board.

Vote for viable candidates who will:

  • Improve academics for all students
  • Advocate for local School Board control
  • Manage a budget impacted by enrollment declines
  • Communicate clearly with the public
  • And, yes, bring the public back into our public schools

Elect Matt Van Bogart, Katherine Thomas, and Julie Norton to the Wenatchee School Board.

Cheryl Armstrong Retired WSD teacher


Retain Perleberg: Cashmere School Board Position 4

I would like to offer a vote of support for the retention of Roger Perleberg Cashmere School Board Position 4. As a former educator, coach, private business man and longtime community member, he has his finger on the pulse and heartbeat of our community.

Having already served on the school board for 33 years in the capacity of member, vice chairman and regional representative to the W.I.A.A. (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) he has the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance for Cashmere’s educational system during these tumultuous times.

He understands the need for well-rounded school programs that encompass academics, technology, vocational programs, the arts as well as the benefit of extra-curricular programming. He’s our man.

My wife and I raised five kids who progressed through our local school system and benefiting from their education, have become happy contributing members to society. Cashmere is a unique community and a part of what makes that so is the larger community’s expectation that our students learn and accept responsibility. Responsible kids become responsible adults.

Our schools have high expectations and create opportunities for our kids to have future success wherever they land. For 33 years Roger has been active in setting those high educational standards. I encourage you to vote for Roger Perleberg.

Chuck Dronen Health care administrator Retired


Remembering Pangborn and Herndon

Gratitude and appreciation for the Eastmont School District

The Chelan Douglas unit of the Washington State School Retirees’ Association wishes to thank all the personnel who helped us with our Pangborn Project.

All the third grade teachers graciously welcomed us into their classrooms and aided with our “hands on” activities.

This project was extremely successful due to our leaders, Sue Kane and Debra Lacy, and the extra efforts of our organization and friends.

Thank you also to The Wenatchee World for the excellent coverage of the project. Without the “Wings and Wheels” festival this was the only recognition of the first trans-Pacific flight of Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon from Misawa Japan to East Wenatchee 90 years ago.

As an important part of East Wenatchee’s history we need to celebrate events like this to bring our community together in positive ways.

Marie Buckner

East Wenatchee

Keep Roger Perleberg on the Cashmere School Board

As a parent of two children who do or will attend the Cashmere School District, I began to attend School Board meetings in 2020 and 2021, initially to learn how the district was handling the pandemic.

While many other districts in our area struggled with rapid and sound responses to remote instruction and all the other logistical considerations, I found the Cashmere School District to be eager and focused on their students, our children, and not distracted by the politics surrounding the whole situation.

I quickly met all the board members who were excited to talk about what they were doing and address any questions or concerns myself or anyone else had.

During this time I met Roger Perleberg and reviewed his profile on the district website. Roger was very inviting and engaging with me as a parent and clearly has strong, lasting ties within our district, and the greater community in Cashmere.

He is a homegrown Cashmereian who cares deeply for our children and the community, which is clearly shown in his over 30 years of service on the board. Roger and the rest of the board have remained focused on our children and maintaining a healthy environment that promotes education, the building of strong character, and development of our young people into active, productive members of our community.

These are the things all districts should be focused on, and I am happy to say this is what I have witnessed from Roger Perleberg, the other board members, and our school administrators.

If you, like me, want the Cashmere School Board to focus on our children’s education and the building of strong character traits like leadership, trustworthiness, hard work, humility and respect for ALL people, then retain Roger Perleberg on the Cashmere School Board.

Brian Chance


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