Champing, not chomping

I recently saw a meme that read, “I am constantly having to choose between correcting people’s grammar and having friends.“ So true. And to prove the sagacity of this meme I would like to point out that, contrary to your recent headline, it is “champing at the bit“ not, “chomping at the bit.“

Gene Helsel


Abortion is not empowering

Recently a female member of Congress characterized pro-life colleagues opposed to late term abortion as “sex-starved.”

Huh? Some feminists allow only pro-abort men to have a say in the abortion debate, blind to the fact that some men support abortion for thoroughly selfish reasons.

Young men at the 2016 Democratic conventions sported buttons proclaiming “I Love Pro-choice Girls.” There is a website devoted to men boasting of financial gain based on the number of abortions they have procured for their partners.

During the 40 Days for Life peaceful prayer vigil on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, an expletive accompanied by an obscene gesture is most often shouted by a young man, as if to say “How dare you hold me responsible for my actions?”

Early feminists Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul referred to abortion as “child murder” and “the ultimate exploitation of women.” Easy abortion allows society to sidestep real issues that should be addressed – education, rape, poverty, domestic abuse, and male irresponsibility.

Rather than free access to kill our children, women should be provided practical solutions to thrive financially and socially as mothers, with more government investment in inexpensive, readily available childcare, and workplaces and schools that acknowledge the needs of mothers.

Women report being pressured to abort by boyfriends, husbands, fathers — and rapists, incestuous male relatives and pimps. The easy way out for a male is psychologically, spiritually and physically traumatic for a woman.

Organizations like Silent No More, Surrender the Secret and Rachel’s Vineyard have sprung up to offer post-abortive counseling and healing for women damaged by abortion. Sisters, if you are attached to a male more interested in his unimpeded pleasure than your ultimate welfare, lose him. There exist mature and responsible men who truly value women.

So long as abortion is freely available to back up contraception, men have achieved freedom for sex without commitment or responsibility. And, amazingly, women have become convinced that giving men easy and unbridled sex with no accountability is somehow empowering for women! What a scam. If there is a patriarchy, it is grinning.

Jeannette O’Donnell