Name change: What a waste of money

The idea of the North Central Regional Library changing its name to NCW Libraries at the cost of $300,000 is total waste of money! For that kind of money they could have purchased a new bookmobile, more books or an additional employee? I see no benefits to this change, but certainly it is a waste of money.

Roger Wallace



Abortion: Theological minefield

Talking about abortion is like traversing a minefield — my recent letter provoked Dr. Peterson’s letter insinuating that I desensitize life and lack morals.

The truth is I find abortion a terrible form of birth control but recognize terminating a pregnancy may be necessary.

Neither of us has a right to force our values on others with dissimilar, values, views or circumstances.

Most professionals don’t consider early stage abortion killing. Dr. Peterson’s group wishes all manner of control on women’s health decisions because they believe the act of terminating any stage of pregnancy is killing life.

Briefly, a pregnancy is divided into three trimesters.

The first trimester involves the fertilized embryo attaching itself to the uterus, cell division and the earliest stages of a fetus.

At 13 weeks, the second trimester begins; the fetus continues development. By week 27, the fetus is definitely showing and learning functions.

At the third trimester starting at week 28, the fetus is putting on weight, growing rapidly. The brain’s developing; and at 38 to 42 weeks, a fully developed baby is delivered.

The statistics for terminating pregnancy vary, but hover around 91.1 percent performed by 13 weeks, 7.6 percent by 14 to 20 weeks, and 1.3 percent at 21 weeks — and no terminations on fully developed babies.

About 879,000 abortions were performed in 2017. Although a few babies have survived at 22 weeks, generally, 23 weeks is when babies have a chance of survival with intensive care. Studies confirm, even at 24 weeks, only 50 percent survive. Brain and developmental damage are extremely high — many die before their first birthday. Of those who survive to school age, 80 percent have moderate to severe disabilities.

The doctor has a point: If a fetus is aborted after 27 weeks and survives the procedure, he or she can have a normal life if they don’t have any hereditary abnormalities. Remember, 1.3 percent of all abortions are performed after 21 weeks.

I understand and have empathy for those wishing to preserve all life and respect their faith mission; but this isn’t a theocracy. We should respect differing opinions — and to conflate, abortion, and infanticide is disingenuous.

Connie Fliegel