A better idea for a new bridge over the Wenatchee River

I am not an engineer — just a former employee of Wenatchee High School who spent 40 years driving to work from my ranch near Dryden.

The new bridge proposed and money allocated by the state Legislature is an attempt to resolve the traffic congestion problems occurring from accessing the entrance to the city of Wenatchee. But the location recommended would only exacerbate the current problem — and divert traffic from Wenatchee Avenue to Columbia Street creating access situations for traffic both into and out of the city even worse than it is at the present time.

My suggestions:

  • Build a new and larger bridge from Highway 2/97 at Monitor — a bridge long enough to cross the river and the adjacent railroad tracks
  • Build a road toward the Horse Lake Mountain hillside to reach Western Avenue in Wenatchee
  • Continue along Western and provide access to all of the current streets that join Western — such as Ninth, Fifth, McKittrick — so that drivers have direct access to Wenatchee City proper
  • Go as far as Crawford Street so that any and all traffic wishing to get to East Wenatchee and beyond can cross the Columbia River on the George Sellar Bridge and alleviate present and future problems for everyone driving to Wenatchee area business and locations.

Only an engineering company and planning department could actually propose such a route, provide a cost analysis, etc., then compare the ultimate costs and benefits to the city of Wenatchee, the Washington State Department of Transportation and to any and all drivers who must have access to their work locations, travel plans that would actually save both time and money.

My suggestion — plan wisely and save both time and money for both now and in the future.

Lorraine Kile


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