Moving beyond race and religion to problem solve poverty

Thanks for the unbiased review of the controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar. (‘Rep. Omar: What diversity looks like’ by Ruben Navarrette, Wenatchee World, March 18, 2019).

Perhaps it is time to look beyond the divisive issues of religion, race, and nation status and focus on making sure there is no longer death and disease caused by poverty and lack of educational opportunities.

Look at Senator Murray’s Child Care bill that would provide a ladder out of poverty for millions of Americans.

Or the fact that affordable housing that exists for less than 30 percent of low-income folks in our state. In fact, only 25 percent of people who qualify for the Section 8 housing vouchers receive them (nationally).

A 20 percent increase in funding for that program would help nearly 400,000 families get services leading to a roof over their heads. As a byproduct, these ladders out of poverty changes would also cut down the crowd on the road to homelessness.

So take a few moments to make a call or send a letter to those who represent you in Congress. Meeting with the staffs of both senators and U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier last month in Washington, D.C., I can tell you they not only listen, but want to hear from you!




Media bias condemns priest

Father Kerr was the pastor of our church, Holy Apostles, in East Wenatchee over 30 years ago. He was the priest who married two of our daughters. We truly believe that he is one of the most dedicated and holy men, we have ever known.

This alleged crime of sexual abuse is so cruel to post on the front page of your paper.

Even when they prove it didn’t happen, he will never recover from the shame of the accusation. You used very poor judgment in your handling of this.




Liberty state: Giving voice to the people by splitting the state

Why the need for Liberty State? To be honest, our state is already split in two. It just hasn’t been formalized yet.

East side/West side, sun/rain,agriculture/traffic jams. The list that describes what separates us is longer than word count would allow, so I’ll leave it to you to fill in the rest.

There were many frustrations that led me to After the mid-term elections I was frustrated. So, I started educating myself and the more I learned about what was happening, the more mad I became.

I wanted a place where you could feel as though your vote counted, your voice was heard, your opinion mattered. Where they didn’t sneak in an unapproved income tax under a different name. Where we won’t be faced with an unsustainable 70 percent budget increase inside of the six years the governor has been in office. And where the governor decided to attach funding to this year’s budget proposal to fund his campaign travel security. That’s right, we are being taxed for our governor to campaign for the Democrat presidential nomination.

I’m not just getting this information from the media. I went straight to the source. I have been reading the legislation. And you should, too. You should absolutely know what is being passed into law. You should make an informed choice.

Which leads me to this: The Grant County chapter of Liberty State is holding a meeting Thursday, April 18 at 6:30 p.m. It is open to the public and we would like to invite anyone who has questions or is curious about what Liberty State is. This will be held in Ephrata 124 Enterprise Street SE. This is the second in what will be a series of monthly meetings, each taking place in a different place in Grant County.


Moses Lake


Common sense education solutions for each community

Education is important for all communities. Each community has a limit to the ability to fund education.

Education is only part of a community that has layers of public and private demands on economic sustainability. The self-governance of the education system must take into account a balance of all layers of demands from citizens, to properly address the diverse needs of the citizens which may include — but are not limited to — water, sewers, storm drainage, education, public safety, streets, etc.

There is a limit in every category, and no end to the demands for improvements needed. As such, no one layer can consume all of the resources without unbalancing the economic viability of the community as a whole.

Education fits into this set of layers, and therefore, must be balanced against all other needs so the community can meet it obligations within a sustainable financial footprint.

Students first! The goal is to provide students the very best in basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics as a foundation for them to become self-sustaining, creative, informed, critical thinking American citizens that sustain the self-governance principles of freedom, civility, and opportunity.

Strong development through best practices is key to student outcomes. Students must have strong foundational principles upon which to build for the future. These must include practical methods in academic and vocational arts, combined with innovative and cost effective delivery methods such as the Internet as well as brick and mortar instructions.