Support Cascade levies

There are two levy renewals coming up on the next ballot for those in the Cascade School District and I’m excited to vote for them.

I’ve never been excited for taxes, but in this case, continuing to provide our schools with the funds they need to operate feels like a way to give my heartfelt thanks to our schools and our teachers. Not only is this actually just a replacement of what we’ve already been paying, but it’s lower than the previous levy and lower than many other districts.

As a parent of a second-grader, this year has made it clear how crucial these levies are. We were able to check out an iPad which we use everyday in remote learning and have the support of the school in making sure everything works to get school to my child.

Her teacher has been working nonstop to create a successful education experience in the face of all our challenges. The school has had to do the extra work to bring students into the classroom too, but when my child goes to in-person school two days per week, I know she is safe and supported. I know she’s getting much more than the bare essentials of math and reading, including arts, athletics and other enrichment programs.

I know that both in-person and remotely, these levies are making it possible for my child to receive empathy, care and an excellent education, and I can’t thank our school district enough for that.

Sarah Horowitz


We need more cartoons

As the Northwest Chapter Chair of the National Cartoonists Society, I have to say that I appreciate the larger-sized cartoons in The Wenatchee World now. So good for my old eyes not to squint at the tiny almost postage stamp cartoons, especially Peanuts. Thank you for that!

But, to see you have diminished the number of cartoons and have pulled one of my all-time favorite cartoons and cartoon creators, Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters — I’ve met Mike and he is beyond ebullient, with the biggest smile and most generous include-everyone personalities I’ve ever come across — I was crestfallen to say the least. In this time of restrictions in our daily life, from masking up and social distancing ... to not experiencing so many activities that we have loved to do; dinners out at our favorite restaurants, movies, local theater, concerts and even hair cuts.

Why not, in this time of less do the opposite and add more cartoons? It was nice to see the added game pages, but as a professional cartoonist, I was quite envious of all those pages added for games while the cartoons were cut drastically.

Why not, in this time where almost everything has been diminished, generously add more humor and joy to this sometimes bleak world.

I have talked to most of the syndicated cartoonists who work in this business. It’s just a wonder to think that they come up with a new cartoon, a new idea, a new creative way to look at the world with humor and unique insights...even the cartoons I don’t particularly like ... I totally admire the abilities of syndicated cartoonists to come up with something new, unique and humorous day after day.

Isn’t it worth it to add one more Sunday page? How much would that cost? And what is the cost compared to the joy it brings to adults and children alike?

Many things in the paper are contentious: Opinions, political cartoons, political views expressed and the domination of bad news that makes the news. Why not add something designed at its inception to bring joy?

Dan McConnell


Poetical thought

‘Lead and Social Media’

Social media can pollute our system

Like lead in a Roman’s wine

Hate for others replaces wisdom

All leading to poisoned minds…

(Please recognize that not everything you read, hear…and view is true.)

Rick Edwards

East Wenatchee

Do you want government to tell you what to think or say?

This letter is in response to Annette Alt’s of Jan. 16, “Reign in big tech and unite all Americans.”

Alt writes “Presently, big tech is censoring all conservative opinion.” All conservative opinion isn’t being censored, and only some of big tech is limiting speech.

Twitter, Facebook, and most other social media companies are privately owned. They can print or not print whatever they want. The First Amendment says that Congress can’t make laws abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

Private persons and companies are free to censor. So, conservative rights have not been eliminated. No one has the right to demand that a newspaper, radio station, or social medium company give them a platform. I am surprised that people who have been educated in this country don’t know that. If we don’t like some people’s speech, the remedy isn’t to stifle them, it’s more speech. Dissuade them.

Alt also seems to want the new administration to “have the willpower to reign in big tech and unite all Americans regardless of their political viewpoints.” Restraining big tech’s output and uniting us is exactly what the First Amendment prevents the government from doing.

Furthermore, I don’t think that all Americans have ever been united. If we gave government the power to unite us all, who gets to decide which issues we unite about?

Do you want government to be able to tell you what to think or say? Alt even appears to self-contradict at the end of the letter, correctly noting that “Absolute power will always corrupt absolutely.”

Any power that we give to government has the potential to be used against us. Rather than forcing ourselves to unite, we need to learn to get along with each other, and discuss contrasting opinions rather than fight about them.

Bob Straub


Uncertainty was sheriff’s only message

The Wenatchee World printed an interview with Sheriff Burnett (Jan. 9) in regards to the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol building. Uncertainty was his only message.

A head of a law enforcement agency should condemn those actions and offer words of reassurance to citizens. Instead, he alludes to fear. We can’t be afraid of these zealots; neither should law enforcement or their families.

Can an officer separate political affiliations from their sworn job duties? Can a Republican separate fealty to the party from duties? A party with a leader spewing lies about a stolen election and who emboldens white supremacists and Second Amendment zealots? Failure to condemn sure hints at a possible partisan code of silence.

I’m uncertain about why D.C. cops didn’t shoot the terrorists. Many enabled the insurrectionists. Were they devotees of Trump the Inciter, who once said, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” in reference to BLM protests? Those terrorists were looting our house, my house. Nobody would have questioned the legitimacy of D.C. cops to shoot in self-defense.

Why didn’t they use the language the Second Amendment worshipers understand? Bullets.

Law enforcement certainly perceived the BLM protesters (in June) more of a threat when they deployed 5,000 National Guard troops and arrested nearly 300. An angry mob of white males certainly warrants more than a small contingent of cops/troops.

Uncertainty is widespread now regarding law enforcement’s willingness to protect us all. What’s worse — a cop aiding terrorists or terrorists?

Nationwide, the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed our current president. How strong is their loyalty? To us, to him?

Culp lost. Trump lost. But we all lose if law enforcement sides with gun addicts and a dictator wannabe. Uncertainty indeed.

Mike Bangs


Trump was worst president ever

About 74 million people voted for Donald J. Trump. Some for the second time. He recently secured his place in history as the worst president ever. His inability to accept the results of the election which he lost by 7 million votes, his lies, conspiracy theories and general behavior have damaged this nation. He has fed into the conspiracy theories of Qanon, and the racism of right-wing white supremacy groups.

Millions of us marched on Jan. 21, 2017 to oppose Donald Trump. We tried to tell you exactly what he would do.

Few listened.

We joined The resistance against the Trump agenda. But you didn’t seem to care. Trump made it OK for 1000’s to march against democracy and for armed men to show up in Wenatchee and other cities to intimidate Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

They proceeded to have the Border Patrol separate immigrant children from their parents at the border. Trump took the side of white nationalists in Charlottesville, again fanning the flames of racism and hatred.

He may have broken election fraud laws when he threatened Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. The Georgia AG is considering charges. He lost 60 court cases claiming election victory.

The Republican leadership all stained themselves forever by supporting Trump and his anti-democracy actions. Now they want to get off the sinking ship. Too late! The extremists are planning more mayhem as you read this.

It won’t be enough to impeach him for the second time. The only thing that will stop Donald Trump is to charge and convict him of sedition, for his speech on Jan. 6 urging his supporters to attack the House and Senate in the nation’s Capitol for the purpose of overturning the electoral college vote by intimidating Congress, and to claim he won the election.

Five people died. The House and Senate were damaged. Only when he faces handcuffs, an orange jumpsuit and a significant jail sentence will he cease and desist.

The nation deserves nothing less, so does Trump.

Joe Kelly