Teddy Roosevelt: A corrected view

In the Article, “Immigration struggles, Not New in America,” Alejandra Castillo spoke of Teddy Roosevelt trying to ban the sale of alcohol on Sundays. In fact, as president of the police board, T.R. Roosevelt — as part of his efforts to root out corruption in the police department — enforced a 38 year old statute against the sale of liquor by saloons on Sundays, long a source of selective enforcement, through bribery to corrupt policemen and Tammany Hall Democrats.

As for being anti-immigrant, T.R.’s long friendship and support of immigrant reporter/photographer Jacob Riis, author of “How the other half lives” speaks volumes to T.R.’s true feelings for immigrants.

Maybe Miss Castillo would have done better to bring up another Roosevelt and the treatment of Japanese Americans, but he was a Democrat and that doesn’t fit the agenda.

Will H. Allen

East Wenatchee

Hail the Hale Park: Off-leash dog area

I’d like to express my appreciation to all of the parties behind the establishment of the Hale Park. I don’t know all of the ins and outs required to get it designed, approved, funded, built and ready for dogs and their people, but I doubt it was an easy or inexpensive task, and those who saw it through deserve appreciation.

Thank you so much! I’ve been walking my dog around my neighborhood, along the river, and generally anywhere that we are allowed to go.... oops, except I did let her off leash on the condemned Wenatchee high school tennis courts, & then at the Walla Walla park tennis courts until I became aware that we were not supposed to be there off leash. These are great places because she could burn off energy safely and behind a fence where her puppy enthusiasm and curiosity would not bother anyone.

I wrote a letter awhile back expressing frustration that folks let their dogs on the courts, but did not pick up after them. It never dawned on me that she was not allowed on them. After all, I always clean up after her and never went on a court where anyone was.

Plus, if anyone had asked, or I’d seen folks heading for the area to play tennis or basketball, I’d have quickly gotten off the courts, but that never happened. A friend who is a dog walker, and cares for four-leggeds when their families need her told me of Hale Park.

I love walking my dog, and am so pleased that the community has set aside an area where dogs are safe to run and socialize.

I only hope ALL the people who use it will clean up after their dogs so we don’t lose it (ahem....yes, I’m talking to those inconsiderates who feel they are special, and can leave their dogs gifts for all of us to step on). Back to my point. I just thought a word of appreciation and thanks was in order for the dog park.

Sharon Muir