Vaccination efforts are inadequate, confusing

We are over a year into this COVID-19 pandemic and almost a year into lockdown with us now at a Level 2.

People still are not wearing masks, and there’s a vaccine shortage for those most at risk who are trying to get on a list to get it, many without any transportation to get to mass vaccination sites.

You get on a list and hope to be called and wait and wait and wait. Then find out a relative not even the right age drives over and gets one at Town Center after arriving an hour early and was told to basically drive right up!

You sign up at your local store pharmacy online and a week and a half later find out from a neighbor that they just called to get on the list and was told to come in the next day for an appointment that had just been canceled.

You call the pharmacy and they say, “We have no wait list and you must sign up online,” which I had. So why is your neighbor able to get an appointment ahead of you?

Obviously, someone has a list and access to supposed cancellations.

With our Health Department operating only four days a week during this emergency pandemic and then taking Presidents Day off for the holiday when another seven people died last week on top of the same amount the previous week makes no sense at all and is a reminder of the previous president and his cabinet as we approach 500,000 deaths.

Where is this “War on COVID” with only working four days a week and holidays off? This is nothing but a huge slap in the face to our residents and frontline responders and workers, saying clearly “You really don’t matter and my time and vacations more important.”

Pretty sick, huh? And where will we be six months from now?

Shawnee McCartor


Newhouse was right to vote to impeach

I would like to commend Representative Dan Newhouse for his vote to impeach now ex-President Donald Trump. The last 4 years have been divisive, to say the least, and Mr. Trump repeatedly showed his willingness to do anything for his own gain, despite the effects on the country.

The Republican party really needs to look deep inside. It is OK to be a conservative, but not ok to tear down democracy to further your cause. Mr. Trump incited an attempted overthrow of the government. History will bear this out.

We needs to face this, and all of his other betrayals. He lied from his first day in office. He cheated his taxes, his wives, his military service, his businesses, his government, his people. He is a bad person that needs to face consequences for his actions. It is unfortunate he wasn’t convicted in the second impeachment.

Mr. Newhouse was correct. Those who did not vote to convict, including Mr. McConnell, should be ashamed. C’mon, the Trump show was crazy. Let’s get back to normal, please? We have work to do.

Thank you, Representative Newhouse. I might even vote for you next time.

Ken Bevis